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The Baxi Avanta combi, system, and heat only boiler series have all been discontinued, but while they were here they offered a variety of high efficiency condensing boilers to suit every household. Priced from £500 to £800 these boilers were designed to fit into almost any available space. Avanta models had a SEDBUK A rating, a Keep Hot setting for instantaneous hot water, and an Eco mode for energy savings. Able to operate with low water pressure, Avanta models were a good solution for low pressure areas and multi-level properties. The Baxi Barcelona, also discontinued, was designed as a wall mounted, condensing, central heating boiler.  If you have a Baxi Avanta or Baxi Barcelona boiler this is the right time to upgrade to newer and more dependable heating technology.

We have new Baxi Duo-tec combi boiler models and Baxi accessories for any heating and hot water need, and every budget, all in stock now at Mr. Central Heating. The Baxi Duo-tec 24 combi boiler with clock and flue kit, is an excellent value at under £850 and ideal for a small house or flat with up to 10 radiators. The Baxi Duo-tec 40HE is one of the best-selling high performance combi boilers priced under £1,000. With exceptional hot water flow rates, it's a good choice for large properties with up to 20 radiators. And be sure to check the Baxi central heating packages that include 7 radiators, combination boiler, flue, TRV and lockshield twinpacks, Evolve limebeater, cleanser and inhibitor. Package prices start at £1,225.

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