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Does your home - large or small - require lots of hot water? The compact and energy efficient Baxi EcoBlue boiler system may be just what you need. And you'll have peace of mind with a free 5 year warranty on parts and labor. Baxi EcoBlue 12kW to 32kW models are designed for use on a fully pumped sealed system and can be installed with an unvented cylinder. Another excellent choice is the Baxi Ecogen, a CHP (Combined Heat and Power) appliance. What? You may ask. This CHP boiler will meet your household heating needs and, by means of its internal generator, create free electricity to power your lights and appliances. What more could one ask of a household boiler?

Remember, winter is far from over -- and another will be along directly. If you already have a Baxi Boiler such as the Solo model 2 or 3, know that they have been discontinued, so it might be time to make a change. Call the experts at Mr. Central Heating for practical and up to date advice about replacing these boiler systems. Baxi has a new line of efficient boilers just right for your heating and hot water requirements. In stock now are full selections of Baxi Platinum and Baxi Duo-Tec combi boilers for every budget. Prices start under £875.

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