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May 2018

  1. Domestic Heating Fuels Comparison

    Domestic Heating Fuels Comparison
    One question that occasionally crops up when someone is looking to replace their boiler or heating system in their home is what the best option in terms of cost and efficiency is. For many individuals there can be a lot of flexibility with regards to what energy source that they can use. For others, these options can be somewhat limited...
  2. Central Heating Pumps Explained

    Central Heating Pumps Explained
    When it comes to the central heating system in the home, it can be a good idea to understand how the various components in that system work, and what they do. The main reason for this is if a fault develops you can quickly identify what area of the central heating system is broken and act accordingly. Some issues with...
  3. Does Smart Heating Save You Money?

    For many individuals Smart Heating may be a phrase that they have heard of, but perhaps do not fully understand what it is and how it works. More importantly one of the questions that we’re often asked is whether Smart Heating can save you money in the long run. What is Smart Heating? Smart Heating is a term that encompasses...
  4. Should you turn off your central heating in the summer?

    Should you turn off your central heating in the summer?
    With the weather getting nicer these days, a question that is asked almost every year is whether it is a good idea to turn off the central heating during the summer months to save money on your heating bill. On the surface, this seems like a sensible idea and an easy way to save money on your energy bills, since...
  5. Introducing Super Power Engineering Liquids and Adhesives

    When it comes to plumbing and heating, professionals are always looking at the latest products to see if they can help speed up plumbing jobs, or even help tackle hard jobs in a more cost-effective fashion. The good news is that there is a new range of plumbing, engineering liquids and adhesives in the market and available at Mr Central...
  6. Mr Central Heating Given Gold Trusted Service Award by Feefo

    At Mr Central Heating we strive to provide our customers with not only the very best products in the central heating market, but at the best price and with the best aftercare service that we can. To help us ensure that we maintain this high level of customer service we use the independent rating service called Feefo as a mechanism...
  7. Connecting home controls and heating with Google and Nest

    Digital technology is available everywhere and it’s ready to help monitor and manage security and resource consumption in your home. Nest has some of the easiest to install and most user-friendly products. Online videos such as this, explain and demonstrate everything you need to know from opening the box to activating the product without damaging existing structures - i.e. your...

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