What will be the best boiler 2017 offers?

What a year and it is not even over yet! We are busy and completely chocker blocker when it comes to deliveries of boilers, radiators and plumbing fittings. We are doing our best to get our vans out on time and thankfully the snow or bad weather is not compounding the issue. It has been a funny year with some momentous decisions and huge questions asked, like just what is the Best Boiler of 2016 and what is going to be the best boiler 2017 is likely to offer.

Yes we know that our customers are craving to know the answers and although we are busy and the days are not long enough we will put your fears to rest. The year of 2016 will be remembered for the massive demand of Ideal Boilers who have a great range suited for all types of jobs and homes. They also have warranties to suit the budgets of all and with a platform that is reliable and easy to install, they are definitely the winners of 2016.

So what is going to be the best boiler for 2017, well it is really tough as there are some existing and new models that are now on the market that could do well or flounder. The manufacturer to watch will still be Ideal but here is our projection.

In at No. one is the Ideal Logic Plus Combi 30. This really is so popular, a real installers boiler.  With the re-vamp, better controls and better accessories, it has just got better.

Best Boiler 2017At No. 2 we have the unbreakable Titanium 40kW Combination boiler which is priced at under £1000 for a 16 litres per minute boiler and with a platform that is robust it has a great replacement market.

No.3 is a really popular boiler now and totally suits the replacement market which it is ideal. The Vaillant Ecotec Pro 28 kw is a competitive easy to install combi.

Best Boiler 2017At no. 4 because the sales have grown to a great number, largely due to its five year warranty and no nonsense price the Vokera Easi-Heat Plus 29C just ticks the quick new and existing option.

In at No.5 and it is having a slow start but offers installers and homeowners a really good option as it has a five year warranty, great price tag and benefits from the latest technology. The Baxi 428 is a 28kW Combination boiler which has lots of potential.

Best Boiler 2017?The next best boiler 2017 will see and has been around for a while now but is still setting the benchmark is the Ideal Vogue 32 Combi.

This has a massive ten year warranty and all the features and benefits you would expect but with a surprising price tag.

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="318"]Best Boiler 2017 Potterton Gold 28 System boiler with a uvgold2 Indirect Unvented Cylinder will be a popular choice of 2017[/caption]

The list could not be complete with a type of boiler that we think here at Mr Central Heating will be more popular next year. This is the Gold 28 System boiler which combined with a UV Gold 2 System Fit creates an ideal package for a larger property and family that demand stored water.

So because it is 2017 and we need a best boiler 2017 list with seven boilers in it, just sneaking in at No. 7 is the Vokera Easi-Flo Gas fired water heater. So this is not a complete house boiler as it will only offer hot water but if this is all you need and you have your heating solved or just do not need it then with a two year warranty and good flow rate this boiler is ideal.