How can I spot a dangerous boiler?

How can I spot a dangerous boiler?

In the UK things have become a bit safer with stricter legislation in regards to gas boilers and after a serious of high profile gas explosions in previous decades it is not very common place to spot a dangerous boiler.

That does not mean that they are not out there and you could probably poll our regular gas engineers who visit Mr Central Heating and the stories would flow. It is the same with cars and emissions and MOT’s, which the DOT are thinking about pushing even further back into the car life.

This is all because cars and gas appliances have become so much better in recent years and the servicing and maintenance more controlled.

Spotting a dangerous boiler is still relevant and could save yours or someone life. In all things dangerous we generally get a feel for something that is wrong and you do not have to be an engineer to see a problem.

For instance if a boiler exhaust or flue was pointing into a room or window you would probably have some idea this was not right. Noises coming from a boiler are also an indication of something not right and just using your natural and common senses would give you a clue to a dangerous boiler.

Age can also be not only a visual sign to a dangerous boiler but checking the instruction manual or checking on the internet for an approximate age can determine you may have a problem.

There are lots of resources online for checking the age and getting manuals especially on boiler manufacturer’s websites. So the rules are that you need to just use common sense and if you are in anyway unsure about an gas appliance, turn it off and call a plumber.

Protect yourself from a Dangerous boiler Nest Protect

You can also by carbon monoxide alarms and dual ones that will also offer a smoke alarm these are relatively cheap and available from Mr Central Heating. We also offer the Nest Protect Wired and Battery Smoke alarms that are highly intelligent and take the connected home to a whole new level.

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