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Boiler Advice

  1. Avoiding Dangerous Central Heating and Boiler Spares

    Avoiding Dangerous Central Heating and Boiler Spares
    Why Should I be Avoiding Dangerous Boiler Spares? It’s becoming increasingly more important to responsibly recycle an old boiler, not only for environmental reasons but also for the safety of your customers too. Let us explain why you should be avoiding dangerous boiler spares and should always be using official boiler spare parts.   Invalidates Warranties Nowadays, boilers have long...
  2. What is a Waste Carrier Licence?

    What is a Waste Carrier Licence?
    As many of you may know, fly-tipping is a serious criminal offence for which you could be prosecuted. In 2016/17, fly-tipping cost local councils over £58m in clean-up costs. It’s more important now than ever before that we do our bit to protect the environment. In 2014, the government changed the laws around carrying and disposal of waste. If you...
  3. What are the Pros and Cons of LPG Boilers?

    What are the Pros and Cons of LPG Boilers?
    In addition to being used as a home heating system, LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is often used as fuel for cooking, vehicles, and aerosols. There are around 4million homes in the U.K. that are not connected to the natural gas network. Many of those are relying on an oil boiler to power their hot water and central heating. LPG boilers...
  4. 15 Years Since Condensing Boilers Legislation

    15 Years Since Condensing Boilers Legislation
    It’s obviously been a tough couple of months for all industries, including the heating industry. Of course, many of you will have still worked through these difficult times as key workers, ensuring that the nations heating, plumbing and electricity continues on despite all the uncertainty. Many will be heading back in the next few weeks into a world where work...
  5. Scotland's Boilers Have the Lowest Breakdown Rate

    Scotland's Boilers Have the Lowest Breakdown Rate
    You may think that the cooler weather might put a lot of strain on the boilers in Scotland, and you’re probably right. But surprisingly they have the lowest breakdown rate across the UK – do Scottish installers know something about maintaining a heating system the rest of us don’t? Boiler Guide has just released a new study that has found...
  6. A Guide to Boiler Servicing

    A Guide to Boiler Servicing
    Please note. All servicing and repairs to boilers should be carried out by a qualified installer/engineer. A boiler can be extremely dangerous and should only be assessed and worked on by someone who has passed accreditation. If you have a gas boiler then you should use a gas safe registered engineer because gas safety is incredibly important.  The Heating Hot...
  7. Is your boiler contributing to our carbon crisis?

    Is your boiler contributing to our carbon crisis?
    Although the number of gas boilers sold last year is bigger than it ever has been, growing nearly 2% there are still a huge number of old, inefficient boilers damaging the environment and holding back on environmental goals set by the government. Over 1.6 million gas boilers were sold in 2019, with the amount of homes using central heating increasing...
  8. Most popular combi boilers of 2019

    Most popular combi boilers of 2019
    The price of combination boilers can vary significantly, depending on a number of factors such as warranty, brand and the output. Combination boilers are generally the most popular new boiler type in the UK, due to their compact nature and because there is no need for water storage tanks. But which ones do the installers that come into us love and...
  9. The Baxi Duo-tec is the new Eco-blue

    The Baxi Duo-tec is the new Eco-blue
    Have you noticed that your boiler might need replacing? If you’ve noticed your Baxi Ecoblue boiler is starting to falter, we’ve got a great suggestion for a new boiler upgrade. What about the Baxi Duo-tec? The Baxi Eco-blue is a great boiler. This boiler type is small enough to fit into a standard 300mm deep cupboard, making it particularly suitable...

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