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Gas Safety

  1. Is your boiler safe?

    Is your boiler safe?
    Are you being Boiler Safe? Here at Mr Central Heating we often deal with tough questions like “is that the best price” but the toughest is definitely is “is my boiler safe ”. Carbon monoxide alarm - Always available fro Mr Central Heating. If you need to ask yourself this then we would definitely get a plumber. There is no...
  2. What is a gas safety certificate and why do I need one?

    What is a gas safety certificate and why do I need one?
    Do you know what a Gas safety certificate is and do you need one? The Gas safety certificate came about with the increased demand for gas appliances in the home and the frequency of poor installations. The manufacturers of gas boilers and the regulatory board got together to create Corgi. Once this was formed, a few years later it was...
  3. Dangers of Carbon Monoxide

    Dangers of Carbon Monoxide
    The Dangers of Carbon Monoxide are well publicised. It is a well-publicised issue that boilers and gas appliances create carbon monoxide. This is highly dangerous because you cannot see it and it causes death. The dangers of carbon monoxide are easy to research. They are often reported in the press by devastating stories of faulty boilers or badly maintained appliances...
  4. How can I spot a dangerous boiler?

    How can I spot a dangerous boiler?
    How can I spot a dangerous boiler? In the UK things have become a bit safer with stricter legislation in regards to gas boilers and after a serious of high profile gas explosions in previous decades it is not very common place to spot a dangerous boiler. That does not mean that they are not out there and you could...
  5. Installer Database - Checked

    Installer Database - Checked
    Gas Safe Installers audit carried out. Mr Central Heating provides a free to installers and homeowners, Installer database. This is purely a directory, and in no way a recomendation. We provide it as a portal to start your search for an installer. We provide this so our customers can easily look up local installers to them and invite them to...
  6. Gas safety week what is it?

    Gas safety week what is it?
    If you are not one of our quality Gas safe registered installers then you may be asking what is it. Likewise if you are one of our really informed non-trade customers who are either a landlord, serial renovator or just interested in all things plumbing and heating then you will know that Gas Safe took over as the governing body...

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