Central Heating Parts - A Guide

Central heating parts can be like a foreign language.

Following up from our previous guide to radiator valves, here we can find out more about Radiator parts

It’s the little things . . .

Few people would argue against an assertion that central heating for the home is one of the greatest developments of the last century. Maintenance and convenience options are being continually updated and improved so, if you’re upgrading your heating system or thinking about a new one, the information here may help guide your choice.

Filters, thermostats, programming devices and remote controls, and system cleansing products will help to maintain your boiler and heating units at peak efficiency. Here are some of the best choices Mr Central Heating has in stock for you right now. Optimize the performance and convenience of your home heating system, starting with the filter:


Heating system filter Adey Magnaclean Micro 2 Filter

To remove system contaminants, Flomasta makes two excellent filters recommended in the Domestic Building Services Compliance Guide. A Fernox model is equally popular with purchasers and boasts « 97% first pass efficiency. » There’s also a model to fit restricted spaces. The Sentinel filter removes debris associated with wet central heating systems, and the DEY MagnaClean model works with both new and existing central heating systems. Prices for filters such as these start under one hundred pounds.


Heating system thermostat Room thermostat (RF)

“User Friendly” is always an important feature and true of Mr Central Heating’s most popular model, by Salus: A room thermostat and heating controller in the same unit, it’s low priced, programmable and easy to read. An internet thermostat, also by Salus and priced under two hundred, is compatible with your PC or smartphone. Among Honeywell’s thermostat selection is a model for use with wet central heating systems and cooling applications. These and many more are in stock at the best prices you’ll find anywhere.

Programming devices and remote controls

Glow-worm remote control heating system controls

Glow-worm’s handheld, wireless, programmable room thermostat controls central heating and hot water for Glow-worm boilers. Ideal Vogue offers a programmable room thermostat for their boiler models, and Drayton Digital’s 7-day programmable thermostat works with any boiler. With the universal remote control for the Rinnai water heater the touch of a button will change the temperature up or down as required – and it includes a feature to block any competing signal from another remote. These models and many more are available now.

Cleaning your heating system

Heating system cleaners Heating system cleaners

New indirect central heating systems will have a good start with Sentinel’s system cleanser that flushes out installation debris. Another Sentinel cleanser removes sludge and restores circulation to radiators and pipeworks of older heating systems. Hydrocare and Trappex cleansers remove sludge, limescale and flux residue from central heating systems. Fernox cleaner for central heating systems is suitable for use with all known powerflushing machines. All are low priced and in stock at Mr Central Heating.

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