RF Room Thermostat, Salus Box Sets

Salus RF Room Thermostat range are a quality, economical investment in efficient heating control for your home.

Salus wireless, programmable digital thermostats (Also known as RF room thermostat) allow you to turn off your heating system when the house is empty, thus saving you money and treating the environment with a little kindness.

Each thermostat is easily wall-mounted or freestanding in any appropriate temperature-sensing location and has weekday/weekend or seven-day programming flexibility. What could be more convenient?

Salus ERT20RF RF room thermostat Salus ERT20RF RF room thermostat

The Salus Wireless Dial Room Thermostat ERT20RF Pack, priced under forty, is an excellent value – and in stock at Mr Central Heating. This pack includes a dial thermostat with temperature sensing control plus a receiver unit for switching your boiler on or off. The two units are linked together by a radio frequency (RF) signal. This wall-mounted thermostat replaces most common residential thermostats and may be used with electric, gas or oil heating control systems.

Good choices are the Salus RF Room Thermostat (wireless) RT300RF Pack, and the RT500RF Pack with two to seven day programming flexibility. These models differ from single unit thermostats by maintaining separate thermostat functions: the receiver unit is used for heat on/off control, while the control unit provides user interface and temperature sensing/control. The two units are linked together by a radio frequency (RF) signal. Both packs are economically priced under fifty.

iT500BM internet RF Room Thermostat

There are other good selections among Salus thermostat box sets, including the low voltage electronic Model iT500BM internet thermostat that’s compatible with your PC or smartphone via broadband connection. The Salus Single Channel Programmer EP101 offers simple time control for central heating, while the Internet Wireless Digital Room Stat Transmitter IT500BM is yet another choice for you to access and control your heating system securely and efficiently from your PC or smartphone – and it’s compatible with several Salus receiver units, also in stock at Mr Central Heating.

The Salus Vaillant Plug In Programmable Room Thermostat ST620VBC is a wireless digital room thermostat with plug-in radio frequency (RF) boiler control for use with Vaillant boilers. The revolutionary touch ring technology on this exceptional thermostat ensures easy setting and simple control. Salus S-Series Wireless Room Thermostat ST320RF Pack, priced under eighty, rounds out the selection with simplified wiring, multi-generated coding, permanent on/off, cycle mode, LED indicators – and it’s battery operated.

Mr Central Heating has in stock every Salus transmitter and receiver you need to make your home heating system as efficient as it can be! Their prices and customer service are unsurpassed, so call now and talk to the experts. View our current range of Salus Box Sets at http://www.mrcentralheating.co.uk/salus-rf-room-thermostat-box-sets

Whats more, Salus have set up a really usefull Salus You Tube page with easy to follow video guides for their RF room thermostat range.

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