Electric boiler review

Electric boiler review from Mr Central Heating

We have been selling Electric boiler's for years and there is an amount of scepticism on the product but in our opinion it is a really good option over oil.

Potterton Gold Electric Boiler's Potterton Gold Electric Boilers

Most people think of an electric boiler as a large unit that uses lots of electricity and cannot be joined up to a normal central heating system.

This is definitely not the case and our range of Potterton Gold Electric boilers are slim, 99% efficient, clean and can be connected to a wet system so you can have normal radiators.

The range can also be connected to a hot water storage tank and provide you with heating and hot water and works on a sealed or open vented system.

Here at Mr Central Heating we cannot understand why Electric boilers are not used more in rural situations where you have no gas and only the option of oil.

Oil is dirty, often expensive and is not very environmentally friendly and difficult to store. If you have electricity then an electric boiler or two and sometimes three is a great option.

It is exactly the same as a normal boiler and can be connected to an indirect cylinder and wet central heating circuit. You can also use it when you have a direct hot water cylinder and use it just to power the hot water in your radiators.

There are five options on the outputs and here are our reviews based on sales. Electric boilers can also be used for underfloor heating circuits but you need to use a thermostatic mixing valve like our Yorhe TMV3 in either 15mm or 22mm.

Potterton Gold Electric 4kW – 13,600 Btu – This is not that popular due to its output but it will easily power a few rads and is ideal for a small granny annex.

Potterton Gold Electric 6kW – 20,500 Btu – One of the most popular because it allows you to have up to five small rads to suit a small flat.

Potterton Gold Electric 9kW – 30,700 Btu – A little bit more output than a 6kw but it needs a bit more power supply but allows you up to seven small rads depending on the output.

Potterton Gold 11kW – 38,000 Btu – This boiler allows you an increased output but a reduced cable size so can fit into that property that has an older electrical system or less power available.

Potterton Gold 12kW – 41,000 Btu – The maximum output that can allow you to do heating and hot water from one unit and is a really good option when linked together with other units to create a much larger boiler and system.

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