ERP directive – One year on

ERP directive – One year on, what has changed?

Well what has ERP directive from Europe done for us you may ask? The EU Referendum is still a contentious issue and it has divided families, work colleagues and all manner of people who were generally not engaged in politics before. So in order to stay out of it and on subject and because here the only thing we have ever voted for is to follow the bear for leader, Mr Central Heating will not comment on the impact.

How it will affect the EU directives that influence the efficiency of boilers and central heating systems we just do not know. The ErP directive was brought in to get rid of non-performing appliances. This certainly has happened and we have another round in 2017 and then in the years following. So one year on from the ErP directive exactly what has changed and how does it impact on you as the customer?

A typical ERP directive label

Most boilers now sold in the UK are ErP but there is still some non-ErP boilers and there is actually nothing wrong with them or for that matter perfectly legal to install. They are in the market place and you will see some listed on Mr Central Heating at reduced prices. Grab them while you can because they still have all the manufacturers’ warranties and are in perfect condition. They are all Band A high efficiency boilers and meet all the great specifications of up to date models. The only difference is a slightly more efficient pump which saves a nominal amount a year.

If you are replacing a boiler that is ten years old or more then you are always going to save money and use less gas, even if it is a Non-ErP boiler. Most boilers that have been in for over ten years may be as little as 40% efficient and really need updating. There is definitely an outlay but if you are on a tight budget then there is no problem in choosing a boiler from our clearance section.

So who knows what is going to happen in the future, all we know is that if you need a boiler and you want the best price you should choose Mr Central Heating even if we are in or out.

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