The Fernox Omega Filter - Why is it the Best?

The Fernox Omega Filter - Why it is the best filter on the market.

Fernox Omega filterWhy the Fernox Omega filter?  In the UK today the choice of magnetic filters is huge and forever growing. The market was created by the need to find a good solution for the problem of magnetite. Magnetite not only creates an issue for the boiler and pump but also the efficiency of the system.

The build up of black metal sludge in radiators causes cold spots and poor circulation. Magnetite is created by the oxidising of metals and can come from many sources. Such as pipework, radiators and corrosive materials left in the system, like flux and solder.

Fernox F1The use of good inhibitors and cleansers like, F1 and F3 from Fernox definitely prevent a lot of issues with the system. However, as systems are constantly either topped up, opened or have air ingress then a filter is always recommended.

With the advent of the magnetic filter and its potential to stop damage to the boiler, manufacturers are really proactive in promoting the use of them on all installations. Also retro fitting in order to fulfil warranty obligations. So it has become fairly mandatory to use a filter. With this rush to supply the demand, various models and brands have come to the market.

This includes Adey Magnaclean, Spirotech Spirovent, Sentinel Eliminator, Eclipse Magnetics, Trappex, and of course Fernox. The basis of design has been relatively similar since its invention and most perform as the they where designed to, because in a lot of cases, something is better than nothing.

The problem is the basis for a filter relied on a basic magnets and canister that had to be opened to clear out the collected material. Pretty much all filters use this traditional style which has its drawbacks.

This is why after several years Fernox has launched the TF1 Omega Filter which is really the best filter on the market. You may ask why and not to get too technical here are the reasons why, which are beneficial to the installer and homeowner alike.

Reasons why its best.

  • The Fernox Omega filter traps magnetic and non-magnetic particles which stop pump failure and damage to the heat exchanger.
  • The Fernox Omega filter is a completely enclosed unit so does not leak from the seals or require new
  • O-rings every time it is opened. This is beneficial to the installer and homeowner because you can self service and service while the system is live, so saving time.
  • The Fernox Omega filter does need isolating valves as it is fully serviceable without shutting off the system.
  • Here at Mr Central Heating the Fernox Omega Filter is really well priced and if you use the one without valves then it is smaller and more compact.
  • Plus it looks a whole lot better than a black one.
  • The magnet in the Fernox Omega filter is cased so it actually never comes into contact with the magnetite and is then easy to clean and easier to service.
  • The Fernox Omega filter can also not block as it has a unique flow chambers that all the water to pass even if the filter is completely full.

So all in all the reason the Fernox Omega filter is number one because they have learnt from all the others. And they made the best filter on the market, for all parts of the market.


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