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This directory is not a recommendation or suggestion of who you should get to fit your boiler. It is merely a location searchable list of installers who are happy to install for customers buying there own materials, whether it be boilers, bathrooms or just a garden tap. Always invite multiple installers to offer you a price, and remember, the cheapest isn't always the best price to go for. Be confident that the installer knows what you want and can explain the best way to do it for you. Above all, always check the installers credentials before inviting them into your home.


Mob. 07592590861

Address: 210 Ffordd Pennant, , Mostyn, Flintshire, CH8 9NZ

Email. mark@mos-heating.co.uk

Categories: General Plumbing, Heating Engineer

Description: Mos-Heating, your Gas, Oil and Water installers from Mostyn
Gas, Oil and water installations should always be carried out by a qualified professional because even a small fault can cause considerable damage. Avoid high operating and repair costs and improve the level of security in your household.

Find out how we can save you money while at the same time protecting the environment. Bring your sanitary units up to date while experiencing our friendly, expert advice. Read more about our services and what we can do for you.
Our values are those of a traditional trader, supporting your gas and water installations with professional work. Advice and support remain our first prioritiesOur most important mission as gas,oil and water installers is to be responsible for your sanitary equipment. We'll help you with your boiler breakdown, service or installation as well as bathroom planning, unblocking drains, taking on small and large repairs and maintaining your sanitary equipment.

Gas safe number: 526895

210 Ffordd Pennant, , Mostyn, Flintshire, CH8 9NZ
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