How to Find the Best Bulk Discounts on Boilers and Water Heaters

Anyone who has purchased bulk water heaters and boilers can attest to the fact that the appliances become expensive quickly. Taking the time to ensure you are getting the best bulk discounts is an essential part of keeping overhead down. Whether you are a landlord or are involved in the construction of multiple homes, Mr Central Heating is happy to supply you with cheap boilers and water heaters.

Keep reading to see our ­­­four tips on making sure you are always finding the best deals.

1. Plan Ahead

For some, one of the biggest hindrances to bulk discounts is a failure to plan ahead. If you regularly make purchases of only one or two units at a time, you may be missing out on some of the best heater and boiler deals. Instead, research the type and number of appliances you will need within the next several months, or even up to year. Once you have a specific bulk purchase list, take a look at how much you will save by purchasing more at a time. View some of our current featured boiler discounts.

2. Use Package Deals

Boiler discounts for landlords and other package deals are essential to ensuring that you are paying the least amount possible. Make sure that your supplier gives this type of discount because you have earned it through your large orders.  Look over the package deals offered and make the most of them by splitting your purchases into the amounts needed to take advantage of them.

3. Don’t Scrimp

When purchasing bulk hot water cylinders, boilers and other large appliances, it is tempting to save money by getting low quality units. However, long term savings are important to remember, especially for landlords who will be responsible for later repairs and replacements. The decision to purchase high quality appliances with long warrantees is nearly always the least expensive route because the products last.

4. Get Help From Mr Central Heating

Do not hesitate to contact us for assistance with your orders. The representatives at our branches may even be able to offer you additional tips or recommendations for getting the most for your money. Online ordering can be convenient and time saving, but always make sure you do business with a vendor that you can also contact for additional help such as Mr Central Heating.

Get the Prices You Deserve

Whether you are purchasing main water heaters, boilers or any other large appliances in bulk, never just assume that you are getting your money’s worth. A little careful planning goes a long way in ensuring that you get the prices you deserve – and if you find better prices, let us know and we’ll do what we can to match it!

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