Gas safety week what is it?

If you are not one of our quality Gas safe registered installers then you may be asking what is it. Likewise if you are one of our really informed non-trade customers who are either a landlord, serial renovator or just interested in all things plumbing and heating then you will know that Gas Safe took over as the governing body of legislating gas work in the UK.

Either way the body that was once called Corgi lost its rights to the maintaining of gas legislation and it was assumed by a body called Gas Safe. This is what any installer or now really heating engineer should be to charge a consumer to work on their gas appliance, be it a boiler, gas cooker or gas hob.

The logo and website is great and you can check a Heating engineers number to make sure they are fully up to date.

The governing body makes sure that there is not unregistered tradesman working on gas appliances and all registered ones are kept up to date and fully accountable for their work. This has also been taken up by boiler manufactures as warranties are generally only upheld if the appliance is fitted by a Gas safe installer and to its stipulations.

The Gas safety week has been organised by Gas Safe to enhance the awareness of the brand and what as a consumer you should look for. If you are planning on a new boiler or any servicing then you need to make sure you use a gas safe registered installer and you ask to see his card. It is also to make sure that you take note of the gas appliances in your and do you know what servicing that boiler that may look ok but may just have a slight fault could save lives and it may only cost just over £100.

Mr Central Heating has some great loyal Gas Safe registered customers and we alsways want to give them something back so if you are unsure and want some gas work done in your house give one of our stores a call and we will point you in the direction of one of our registered guys. Furthermore if you have used us before or are thinking about it and are Gas Safe then get down to your local store introduce yourself and we will promote your business. So not only will you have the most competitive prices on central heating to make sure you get the job but we may even give you a hot lead.

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