The Great British Boiler Survey

The Great British Boiler Survey is now happening and you can Win!

We are now into 2017 and already we are getting lots of enquiries on new boilers and boiler replacements. The New Year is a time to change that old boiler for all the homeowners that have been nursing their appliance through the winter.

Why take the risk on an appliance especially if it is over ten years old? It is pointless to waste fuel and take the chance that the boiler is not going to breakdown. We still have probably some of the coldest months ahead of us as our seasons have definitely changed.

With all this in mind we have decided to launch our very own boiler survey that is completely independent and because we cover the whole of Great Britain we have decided to call it the Great British Boiler Survey.

Over the last 40 years we have sold lots of boilers and we have become slightly fed up with the paid up press advertising that really conflicts with what actually sells. So we thought that we would do a survey ourselves to see what our customers really think is the best.

Here at Mr Central Heating we have over 5 million visitors a year to our website and stores. We sell lots of boilers and get lots of opinions and we just wanted them to be made public.

The Great British Boiler Survey will lay bare past and present manufacturers and how what relationships they have with homeowners after the boiler has been installed. It is going to be a warts and all survey with everything being posted and documented at the end of the year.

We are hoping to have a great set of results to post at the end of the survey and it is all going to be made up of your comments. So if you are looking for a fully independent review of a boiler then contribute to The Great British Boiler Survey and see how your boiler fairs.

You can view the Gallery here.


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