Green Deal – What is the Green Deal & is it The Real Deal?”

At Mr Central Heating we have been offering the lowest prices on heating products for over 30 Years, and lately on occasion we get asked can we help with the price on the Green Deal?

We have stuck to what we do best by offering the best products at the lowest prices, no forms, no gimmicks or claim backs, simple straightforward upfront value for money and in stock availability.

How do we know this is the real deal?

A customer of ours, a regular, trade Heating Engineer had quoted a price to replace a Worcester heat only boiler, he prices himself to get a day's wages for a day's work, he didn't want to cover a week's wages from 1 days' work, a simple in exchange and out.

He was quite surprised when his customer came back to him and said, can you do anything for the Green Deal, I can get £400 odd pound on the Green Deal, and £375 for scrappage!

The Heating Engineer scratched his head and said "My Price is less than £1500 to supply and fit the boiler, I am not registered on the Green Scheme and get no money back from the Government. I would be buying a boiler and giving it to you for less than I pay, and fitting it for free!"

He recommended his customer went back to the large national company whose vans can fly, and whom have a team of engineers on standby to come out day and night, with national advertising campaigns to pay for but can still fit him a boiler for less than he could and let them try it.

A few days later the Heating engineer got a call from the customer saying actually, I would like you to do the job please, He asked "What had changed your mind?"

It seems the customer approached two companies registered to do work on the Green Deal, and both prices had come in considerably higher, and we are talking over £2000 higher, including reductions for scrappage allowance and the Green Deal.

Was this an isolated story?

Sorry no, we hear it weekly across our branch network, whilst the lads on our trade counters are chatting to regular, local trade customers who use Mr Central Heating.

So is the Green deal really helping those people who are looking for the best deal they can get, or is its marketing campaign catching people in its headlights with offers of discounts and reductions?

Try keeping it local, seek out the hard working one man band heating engineers as well when you're looking for a price to install, those who just want to earn a wage and to pay for their regular Gas Safe registration and examinations aw well as a company that will file a few claims for you, has the might of a marketing team, a fleet of Vans and engineers, a sales force (to convince you it's the best deal)

We'll let you decide, were not here to tell you what to do, but have some advice for free, get a price from a few different types of companies on all sorts of schemes, but make sure you get your local jobbing heating engineer or Gas Safe registered Plumber, because they're the ones out there keeping it simple, and keeping the cost down just like Mr Central Heating is doing for your boiler, radiators, plumbing and heating supplies.

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