The Grundfos Shower Pump Range

Grundfos shower pumps are used for boosting hot and cold water to showers, bathrooms or whole households. Shower pumps allows customers to boost performance. You'll have a more powerful showering experience, boosting the water pressure to a shower or to other bathroom fittings.

With a total of five WRAS approved models in the range, these compact pumps are easy to install and will deliver a pressure range of between 1.5 bar to 6 bar. Plus, whether you require a single a twin impellor, brass or composite design or universal head or positive head operation, Grundfos will have the ideal pump to meet your needs.

Single impeller pumps generally help boost the pressure of cold water supplied to a combi boiler and this demand is delivered by our SSR or Amazon series; while unvented cylinder options can be served by an Amazon pump.


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Grundfos and Mr Central Heating

By working with a reputable shower pump manufacturer such as Grundfos, you can be assured that any shower pumps you install will be fit for purpose. They will continue to deliver for years to come. The brand is synonymous with quality and it is relied on by thousands of customers every year.  We know that it's important for you to get the right shower pump. That's why we have a full range of twin impeller and single ended pumps in stock. With the right pump for your gravity fed system* where the supply to the pump comes from a header tank, you'll boost the pressure and water flow to your shower and bath. This should save you money in the long run. Providing you're not spending too much time in your improved shower that is. You can visit Mr Central Heating today for more information about all the pumps available.


For any additional information, as well as helpful information about shower pumps and a simple selection guide visit


*A gravity water system is the only system for a booster pump.