Types and Models of Ideal Boilers

Ideal boilers live up to their name. Not only does Ideal deliver unbeatable warranties and exceptional customer service, but their varied products are also built to last. Review Mr Central Heating’s wide range of Ideal boilers and products to find precisely what you need. Ideal boilers are easy to install, simple to run and environmentally friendly due to their high efficiency. When you choose Ideal, just a few of the options you have are:


There are three main types of natural gas boilers produced by Ideal:

  • Ideal System Boiler – The pressurized sealed system boiler works in conjunction with a hot water storage vessel and is perfect to be fitted with a stainless steel un-vented cylinder. The system easily accommodates multiple taps or outlets at once. A system boiler pressurizes you heating circuit and has a built in pump and expansion vessel. This is a great way to save space and money on external controls and the most economical option for homes with high water demand, multiple occupancy and multiple outlets.
  • Ideal Combi Boiler – Get unlimited hot water with a Combi boiler. It works by drawing water from the mains and then heating it before sending it out of the tap. There is no need for a hot water cylinder or any sort of water storage as it provides instantaneous hot water so it takes up less space and is more economical to run as it does not need to heat a large body of water when you have frequent showers and require water on demand in two outlets.
  • Ideal Heat Only Boiler – Similar to system boilers, heat only boilers work together with a hot water storage tank. One key difference is that more of the components are external. In addition to having a hot water vessel, it is necessary to keep a cold-water tank in the loft for the hot water circuit unless you pressurize it with an external expansion vessel. This system is especially popular among those replacing older, outdated systems because they minimize changes in the pipework and work with existing systems in most cases.

Models and ranges

Ideal has many fantastic models, each of which features unique benefits. Three of the most popular models are:

  • Ideal Independent Plus BoilersIndependent and Independent Plus from Ideal are Combi boilers that come with up to a seven-year warranty depending on the model. For heating and cooling devices, the output is measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs). The highest BTU output for an Independent Plus boiler is 102,000, and even the basic systems provide 80,000 BTUs. The boilers are available in a range of different sizes from 700mm high x 395mm wide.
  • Ideal Vogue Boilers – Vogue provides Combination boilers and System boilers, all of which come with a range of different warranty lengths depending on the particular model. For the standard Vogue this is between eight and ten years, whilst the Vogue Max has up to a 12 year warranty. The highest BTU output for a Ideal Vogue Combi boiler is 40kW giving a fantastic 16.4 litres per minute of water flow rate. Great for all your domestic hot water needs. Vogue boilers are 740mm x 395mm (to 445mm) in size depending on the model.
  • Ideal Logic BoilersIdeal Logic model boilers along with Logic Plus models come in Ideal Logic combi, system and heat only. They come standard with two-year warranty and up to a 10 year warranty on the Logic Max model. In each model there is a wide range of out puts to suit different requirements. The boilers are 700mm x 395mm and there are often various deals on the web for these.

Find the latest deals available on Ideal Combi Boilers  today. We also stock a range of other heating products and supplies such as thermostats, heating controls and tanks. If you need assistance why not give us a call, our helpline will provide you with any information you need to help you find the right new boiler for you.

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