How Google Nest can improve your time at home

We’re all spending more time at home and the days can feel pretty long and boring. We’ve also all been doing a lot more online shopping, but rather than wasting your money on items and gadgets that you may never use again, Mr Central Heating has a huge range of Google Nest products which could help you get through this time and beyond.

1) Feel more safe at home

This is a very anxious time for a lot of people, whilst they worry about their health and loved ones. Luckily, Google Nest has a great product to alleviate some of that anxiety and create peace of mind and comfort within your own four walls. The Google Nest range of security cameras allows you to keep track of what is happening outside your home safely and efficiently. The Google Nest Cam Outdoor is weatherproof and provides 24/7 Live Streaming to any of your devices. It's also easy to install yourself. If you want more clarity in your life then the Google Nest Cam IQ Outdoor comes with Supersight technology, person alerts and HD two-way talk and listen. A top of the range security system at an affordable price.

2) Answer the door but stick to social distancing

We've all been there in the past couple of weeks, a delivery driver knocks on the door and we have to awkwardly motion to where you want your parcel left. The Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell solves this problem by allowing you to answer the door and speak to the person through a Google Home App on your smartphone  (whether Apple iPhone or Android) or tablet. Never miss a visitor or package again even if you're in the garden, out shopping or even on holiday. With 24/7 streaming you can check in at any time to see what's happening at your front door.

3) Get out the apron!

It’s a cliche, but baking has gone up 60% in the past few weeks as people hone their cooking skills with their new free time. Why not let the Google Home Hub help you on your culinary journey by making it an addition to your kitchen. With Google Assistant built in and a 7 inch screen, you can just ask the hub to provide you with recipes to follow and and ask it for the next step. Simple! No messy cookbooks, just a few words hands-free, you’ll be on your way to being the next Mary Berry! Of course, if baking isn’t your thing the smart device can show you anything you’d like to see, from YouTube tutorials to buying pans.

4) Exercise at home

The government has recommended that we leave the house for exercise once a day, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do exercise from the comfort of our own home or garden. The Google Home Mini can also play music as a smart speaker, to provide a great workout soundtrack using Spotify or Amazon Music. The Google Nest Mini can also work as a Bluetooth speaker if you would rather follow a workout podcast or something else. Just ask it to play and using Google Assistant you’ll be on your way. If you prefer to follow workouts, then the Google Home Hub might be more what you’re after, with a screen to watch and access to YouTube videos. With either of these, you won’t have an excuse not to get up off the sofa and burn those calories.

5) Catch up with relatives

We’re all missing our friends and family and worrying about loved ones but there are a couple of Nest devices that can give you peace of mind. The Google Nest Indoor Cam allows you to watch what is happening inside a loved ones home. The Nest Camera also comes with a voice control microphone to listen to respond to the person on the other end. Perhaps if you’ve got an elderly relative that you’d like to be keeping an eye on, this is the perfect tool to check up now and again and make sure they’re OK. You can communicate further with the Google Nest Max Hub, which has video calling and the ability to leave video messages or share files via google photos. The Home Max also doubles as a security camera, so you can watch what’s happening even when you’re not calling in. Again, perfect for if you want to be checking in whilst maintaining social distancing. With a 10” smart display and touch screen, it’s very easy to use and the perfect addition to yours or a loved ones quarantine.

At the moment Mr Central Heating has got some great prices on Nest Products, both individually and in bundles. Take a look at our website for more information on smart home devices and take a look how they could improve your quarantine and beyond.

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