How to choose the right installer?

How do you choose the right installer?

It is now full summertime here in the UK and the weather is doing exactly what it should not. The temperature is just above 15*C and some people are already reaching for the thermostat to turn the boiler on. It is not warm and relatively cold. So if your boiler has been off and now it is refusing to work, you may need to choose a plumber or heating engineer to come out and fix your heating system.

There are some simple investigations that you can do before you reach to call for a plumber. Please check our previous blogs for fixing and listening on how to fix your boiler. good news is that you will not always need a replacement boiler. Most issues can be fixed by a local installer. You can find a good installer on your database.

If you are really not having any luck then you are going to need a plumber and if you do not have a regular one or a friend recommended one then you are going to have to investigate. The best place to start is the Mr Central Heating Boiler Installer Database which gives you access to local plumbers in your area.

We also have made sure that the listing is good and concisely portrays what they can offer, experience wise. Mr C has gathered a huge database of regular installers over the 40 years of trading and some may have retired but we are probably on sons and daughters now.

Choosing the right installer

It's defiantly tricky and we would always suggest having a look at our database or asking one of the stores. They often also have good regular installers who they will suggest and being regular means that they are trusted by other homeowners. If your boiler needs replacing ensure you pick the right boiler installation company is important. If you have a gas boiler then check out the gas safe register to ensure that you get an approved installer.

If you do need a new boiler then we can also help you pick the best boiler for your situation, whether that is a combi boiler (combination boiler), system boiler or something else! There are a range of different types of boilers in the market and most boiler manufacturers offer a boiler to suit most situations and heating needs.

Installation costs on a replacement boiler can be high and it is a good idea to pick an boiler installer who is experienced and specialises in the boiler type that you are looking for. Some good news is that the new boiler cost can be offset to some degree by the long term energy savings that you may make over an old boiler.

The choice will often come down to the job required and a lot of plumbers are now Gas engineers so make sure you choose the right terminology. A gas engineer is someone qualified to work on gas and needs to be affiliated to Gas Safe. A plumber will do general wet work and odd jobs but with boilers and systems now, you have a lot of cross trades between plumbing, electrical and gas. So be careful to pick the right installer kind.

There is no doubt that most plumbers and engineers are busy and it may take them time to respond or return your call, so do not be put off. Making a date and being available to evaluate the job is ideal rather than taking a quote over the phone but a lot of good one man bands are experienced enough to quote over the phone.

Yes there is a lot of bigger plumbing firms with call out charges and maybe security of a follow up if there is any issues, but individuals we find are more driven to do a good job than large plumbing companies. You should pick an installer based on the type of boiler you have. Find a specialist if you can.

It is up to you too chose the best candidate and you may have to persevere and get a few different quotes and such like. If it seem and feels wrong then it generally is but just like the weather, the plumbing trade can be unpredictable and sometimes stormy but hopefully by using Mr C’s Installer database it should brighten your day.

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