How to get your central heating ready for winter!

Just like a car the best way to test it is to start it up and see if it works now rather than when you need it. This is exactly the same for any boiler and you need to make sure that all parts are working on the system allowing you to get hot water and central heating ready for winter.

If you have a Combi boiler then you only may have been using the hot water so now you will want to turn on the central heating, either by changing the boiler dial to winter time or adjusting the room stat if you have not used the summer setting on the boiler.

If you have a System boiler then again you need to test the heating side and you can follow the same procedure as above. The only difference is that you have a hot water cylinder, external controls like one or two motorised valves and possibly cold water storage. If you are getting hot water and heating then you are doing great but may still want to get it serviced because it is better to get the small things fixed rather than the big ones.

If you have a traditional system or a conventional boiler then you may need to test both sides, heating and hot water and make sure that , the pump, tanks, cylinder, valves and pipework is all ok.

As it gets colder you will definitely be turning on your central heating and there is nothing worse than a panic because there will be lots more people looking for the best deals on central heating when then time comes. Here at Mr Central Heating we are offering a few package deals on pumps and filters to make sure that not only your system is working now but lasts through the winter to keep you warm and wet.

Get testing now to make sure you are warm for winter Get testing now to make sure you are warm for winter

So whack on the boiler and get testing but we would definitely suggest getting a service if you have not had one this year because just like a car you need to keep up your warranty liability if you have one and you never know what you might find.

So good luck and keep us posted because we always offer the best package deals and you never know we just might save you money on not only the boiler but the cost of running your heating and hot water.

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