How to Work Safely During Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has obviously been devastating in the UK. But now we can finally look beyond lockdown and start to get the country working again. To help make it happen, the government and industry have written new guidelines for tradespeople that promote safe working in and around people’s homes. But staying safe is a joint responsibility, and we all have a duty to protect each other. By working together, we can keep everyone safe. Trustmark and the Construction Leadership Council have created some health and safety guidelines for us all to follow during this transition, which we fully support at Mr Central Heating. We highlighted some of the key points below.

Before work begins you must ensure that you have no COVID-19 symptoms, which we should all be aware of by now. Also, it goes without saying that if someone in your home is showing symptoms, you need to self-isolate and should not be working. Please make sure you talk to your client/tradesperson before they arrive at your home and consider using technology to limit the personal contact you must have. PPE such as face coverings should be worn, so feel free to check what people are intending to wear and if you are in a vulnerable group, all involved should be informed so that extra care can be taken if needed. The type of workplace, the proximity to other people and whether you will be working indoors or the job consists of outdoor work, will ultimately dictate what precautions you should undertake. You should be aware that indoor work poses a higher risk. As usual, please agree on the scope and price for the work in writing before going ahead so there are no unwanted surprises later down the line.

While the work is being done make sure all surfaces are sanitised before anyone enters your home or you enter an enclosed space with someone. Also, we should all still be following the social distancing measures as much as possible, with no handshakes or close greetings. If this can’t be completed due to the nature of the job, try not to face each other when working or talking. Tradespeople will be happy to hear that cups of tea are still allowed – but only touch the handle of the mug and ensure everything is washed properly (including hands) when completed. If no hand washing facilities are available, if possible use hand sanitiser when you have exposed your hands to surfaces that other people may have touched to help reduce transmission risk.

Once the work is completed, disinfect all areas that may have been compromised including door handles, floors and surfaces just to ensure little contamination. Try to keep as much of the payment and paperwork process contactless and please let the tradesperson or customer know if anyone in your home is showing symptoms within a week of the job being finished.

Many of these steps might seem like common sense, but they will have a huge impact on controlling and maintaining the virus as we all do our best to get back to normal. Please be conscious of other people and you have a duty to be responsible and careful during this difficult time for all. You should also check for new guidance and rules in your own local area on a regular basis since there are some difference between the Government guidance in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. For the latest information please visit our Corona Virus Work Safe page.

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