Ideal Rewards scheme

Installer Connect - Ideal Rewards scheme

Many manufacturers offer Reward points and Ideal Reward scheme is known as Installer Connect.

The manufacturer Ideal Boilers has massively increased over the last few years and now they really are the top boiler manufacturer in the UK. They are selling probably more than any other including Worcester and Vaillant.

The increased sales are based on the great product range and warranty offerings which include the Ideal Logic Plus with a seven year and Ideal Vogue with a ten year warranty. The Logic range is also one of the best platforms on the market for installers to fit and work on and it is gathering loyalty every installation.

With loyalty in mind there is no wonder that Installer Connect, the Ideal reward scheme, is so popular and offers

  • FREE Gas Safe notifications
  • EASY Parts and Labour warranty registrations
  • REWARDS points on every boiler
  • FREE use of online Marketing Toolbox
  • Exclusive promotions and offers
  • FREE installer profile

It is free to join the Ideal rewards scheme, Installer Connect. and open to all Gas Safe Registered installers, so if you are not on it then you are missing out. Getting a loyalty point for a great boiler that someone else is paying for is a no brainer!

You can also use the points for a whole raft of gifts, gadget, workwear, leisure breaks and high street vouchers. You may not like shopping but we are sure at Mr Central Heating that we know someone who might be.

One amazing factor that may not be apparent and not really offered by other loyalty schemes is the Marketing Toolbox that allows you to take advantage of Ideal Boilers great marketing design, purchasing to enable you to supercharge your own business. The way you present yourself and stationary might just mean that you get that job.

There are loads of options to purchase and use points to create a real professional appearance.

Visit the Installer Connect website to find out more.

Ideal rewards scheme - Installer ConnectSo there are lots of reasons to get registered and if anything you may actually get a job out of it. The homeowners in our experience would much prefer to use a trained installer on a certain appliance with the correct warranty that suits more than anything else.

So get on and get registered.

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