The Ideal System Offer

The Ideal System Offer

Here at Mr Central Heating it has always been our aim to provide our customers with the best deals. This is why we are pretty excited about the new Ideal System!

What is the new Ideal System?

We do not like to predict our customers but we have seen an increasing demand for a package of heating and hot water to for fill the need when you are doing a loft conversion. This may be a bit of a regional phenomenon but we are national and do deliver to customers all over mainland UK.

The increased loft conversion activity is because; it is probably easier and cheaper to go up rather than move. Our customers are always shrewd and that is why they keep on choosing Mr Central Heating for all their heating and hot water requirements.

When a loft conversion is started there is often a debate on what system to use, Combination boiler or stored hot water, generally because the addition is normally a bedroom and ensuite.

Combination boilers are great and really popular but they are a bit limited on hot water delivery in some cases. Furthermore homeowners may have already had a combi and want just a much better stored hot water option.

The development of the loft releases space for more living but reduces the space for storage tanks and in most cases another room gets changed into something else on the first floor so the copper cylinder also goes.

This is actually a good thing because copper cylinders are so poor in their efficiency. Unvented cylinders or pressurised cylinders are superbly more efficient and stay hotter for longer and give mains pressure from the hot water taps.

They can also be sited anywhere in the property and are not governed by heads of water or storage tanks to replenish them. Used with a system boiler means that you can free up space in the and there is no need for any tanks in the loft for any type of cold water storage.

The benefits of purchasing an Ideal boiler and Ideal Cylinder means that you get piece of mind from the number one manufacturer in the UK! There is one number to call if you have any issues and one place to register your products.

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