The Ideal Vogue boiler & 10 year warranty

When choosing a new boiler there are a few choices to make and your decision can be influenced by many factors including your plumber and the requirements of your house.

If you have an existing boiler that is over 10 years old, your boiler is already less efficient that it could be. It is advisable to change your boiler every 10 years and in many cases this can save 30% off your gas bill and with rising energy prices this could be as much as £300.

If you have a one, two, three or four bedroom house a combination boiler is ideal and can offer outputs between 24KW and 40KW to suit the size of your property. The larger the output the larger the house. For bigger than four bedroom houses or for houses that require stored hot water you will need to choose a system boiler.

Boiler manufacturers offer warranties on their products as a guarantee of quality, but do not be fooled as often the boiler warranty will be reflected in the initial cost. Different manufacturers require different prices to guarantee your boilers and the only between the top manufacturers; Baxi, Ideal, Worcester and Vaillant, is the price you will pay.

At Mr Central Heating we have always tried to offer our customers the best deal with independent advice. This is why we have been very excited with the launch of the Ideal Vogue range of boilers at Mr Central Heating. Vogue is a range of system and combination boilers that are built to the highest specification with the highest warranty on the market (10 years). The price is amazing for the quality and service backup you will receive. Ideal boilers are made in the UK at Hull with state of the art manufacturing and it is good to support British companies against the dominant European manufacturers.

The Ideal Vogue has the following benefits that will mean that it will last longer than the average boiler and you have peace of mind for a massive 10 years.

  • Stainless Steel Heat exchanger - means that it will not rust and scale up causing expensive service call outs.
  • 10 year warranty - certifying its quality, based on yearly servicing, parts and labour.
  • Frost protection - ensures that you do not receive a nasty shock in really cold periods.
  • Digital display - offering clear messages to help you understand it operation
  • Low NOX emissions - means that you are not putting harmful pollutants into the atmosphere
  • High Efficiency - over 90% efficient condensing
  • Small dimensions -Height 740mm x Width 445mm x Depth 330mm

Buy the range of Ideal Vogue boilers here at Mr Central Heating with Fast delivery. You can also save money and buy these boilers in central heating packs with radiators or central heating protection packs. All Ideal Vogue boilers and packs come with a 10 year boiler warranty.

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