Introducing the Baxi 800 Boiler Series

This month Baxi have released the new 800 range, available as a System boiler and Combination boiler. One great takeaway from the Baxi 800 series is that it comes with market-leading 10 year warranty. This is a welcomed addition to give the customer great peace of mind, something that can be important when upgrading to a new boiler. Also, new to this boiler range, all purchases in the series include a Compact Adey Magnaclean Micro 2 magnetic system filter worth around £90. This helps to protect and clean the boiler and central heating system, hopefully resulting in less maintenance within the boiler's lifetime and improved energy efficiency overall.

The Baxi 800 Combination boiler is available in outputs 25kW, 30kW and 36kW, is compact and simple to fit for the installer. This new Baxi boiler uses natural gas, has a simple hanging bracket, pipes behind the facility within the boiler casing and can be operated by a smart device.

The Baxi 800 System boiler is available in 18kW and 24W and is small enough to fit into a 290mm deep cupboard. This boiler type has a built-in pipes facility within the casing, brass hydraulics and is compatible with Megaflo Eco cylinders. The System boiler is perfect for homes that use a high volume of domestic hot water as it is extremely efficient. Great for keeping your energy bills in check and maintaining hot water storage through cold months.

There are many accessories available to enhance this type of boiler, such as a large range of flues and accessories for versatile siting, a rear pipework kit, weather sensors to work easily with Boiler Plus and the uSense smart control. All of this makes boiler installation and maintenance easier. Some of our Baxi Boilers currently come with options for a discounted room thermostat, boiler filter or even a free Google Home Mini!

By giving customers reassurance through the warranty and Adey Magnaclean, Baxi have produced the 800 range of boilers as the ‘complete package’. The extras of the extremely generous warranty and Adey Magnaclean are a nice bonus to an already reliable and efficient brand. If you’d like it see more of the Baxi combi boiler and Baxi system boiler range, including the 800 series, make sure you check out the range on Mr Central Heating here.

We also have other high efficiency Baxi Boilers including the Baxi Duo Tec combi boiler (which has a 28KW LPG option for properties without a natural gas supply), The Baxi 228, Baxi 424 and more, so take a look now.

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