Introducing NEST Learning Thermostat

Introducing the NEST Learning Thermostat, 3rd Generation at Mr Central Heating

Is the Nest learning thermostat for you? You may think that an internet thermostat or controlling your heating or hot water from your phone is a bit of a gimmick. Well in most cases it is right, and do you actually need another application on your phone?

There is no doubt that life has definitely got busier or are we more connected so that we never actually take time out. Whatever has happened in life there is definitely a better way to be more organised and this is what the Nest Learning stat does naturally.

Obviously we are quite biased here at Mr Central Heating because we are always talking about central heating, but do you know what if we had a pound for every time we heard about a room stat conflict between partners and families we would probably be a lot richer.

Nest Learning ThermostatThis conflict on how hot or cold we actually like in in our homes is the reason the Nest Learning thermostat works and everyone should have one. The best way to control your heating is too have it constantly on and control the temperature by a room stat.

This is because it takes less energy to heat a warm house than it does a stone cold one. Keeping a mean temperature can save you money on fuel and also costly repairs. We all know that a car becomes more efficient when the engine is hot and this is the same as your boiler, heating circuit and ultimately the walls and spaces of your house or flat.

The idea of constantly on is definitely not a well-known thing and we are always advising on how to set the room stats and programmers that we sell. This is where conflict arises and the up and down on the room stat depending the weather outside, the person inside, the sunshine and what time of day.

Nest Learning ThermostatThe Nest Learning thermostat, 3rd generation takes all things into consideration and after a period of learning it knows what you want and saves you energy. The fact that you can control it from your phone is definitely a benefit but no the main one. Taking the stress out of remembering to turn up or down your room stat is the best thing ever.

Yes you will have to change your habit but once you have there is nothing else to do. When you are a comfortable temperature it is one less thing to think about and this is the beauty of the Nest Thermostat.

Life is definitely getting busier, there are blogs to write, blogs to read, heating to buy and heating to sell but one thing is for sure we can forget about our heating once you have a Nest thermostat fitted.

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