Introducing our New Easy, Pick Packs

We are always looking for ways to make purchasing a boiler easier and cheaper for our customers. This month we have launched a new type of boiler pack our Easy, Pick Packs that are the most convenient way to get all the accessories and extras that are required for your boiler installation.

The Easy, Pick Packs have been built for both plumbers and homeowners and as you choose your boiler you will be directed through selecting all of the relevant flue options, flue accessories, filter packs and other accessories you may need for your boiler to be installed. Most of these accessories are really important like system filters, Trappex Centramag, chemicals like Fernox and inline scale reducers like H+R Limebuster. All these items make the boiler last longer and mean that you obtain your warranty. The warranties are still dependent on yearly servicing but continual maintenance installed products like the COR22 is a great signifier that you installer has followed good practice.

The other options on the Easy Pick Packs are flues and controls. You do not have to hunt around for Vertical flue kits or extensions’ for the standard flue they are all in the scrolling order page. Make sure you select your carbon monoxide detectors and thermostatic controls encouraging the advantage of controlling your new boiler by temperature rather than the old fashioned way of off and on.

We have created Easy Pick Packs for all to use and it means that you can check out quicker, get all the stuff you need in one order and it is all delivered in one go ready for the job that you have planned it.

Mr Central Heating really wants you to use the Easy Pick Packs as we can spend more time making sure we get your order processed as quick as possible so you get the best service. Look out for the Easy, Pick Pack stickers on our products. To start off check out all of our Easy Pick Packs here Shop Now Button


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