An Introduction to Designer Radiators

Gone are the days that an ugly radiator dominated the room. Today’s designer radiators are attractive and come in a variety of colours to match your home’s décor. Whether you are installing a new heating system or updating an existing one, it is worth spending time researching your options to ensure that you get the style and design that finish your room. Here at Mr Central Heating, we sell many types of designer radiators so you are sure to get exactly what you are looking for. Take a look at this radiator buying guide to determine which is the best radiator for your home.

Compact Radiators

Compact radiator Compact radiator

The compact radiators made by Revive offer a contemporary face to the standard radiators that everyone knows. Get an understated look with one of these clean, compact ,enclosed panel units and enjoy the confidence that comes with a 10-year manufacturer guarantee.

We carry a wide range of sizes and models and outputs so you can heat anything from a studio flat to a spacious home or office building. Whichever design you have your eye on, it is fitted with the quality components that Revive is known for so you will be able to enjoy your unit for many years to come.

Horizontal Column Radiators


Revive produces three and four-column models of their stunning horizontal radiators. These come in various colours, including white, jet black, grey aluminum and lacquered raw metal.

Whether you are looking for a unit to blend in unobtrusively or you want a colour that accents décor by standing out, these radiators make an attractive statement. They even come with a five-year warranty.

These radiators are truly the original designer radiators, and stand the test of time. When used in conjunction with radiator valve extensions, they make the best replacement to standard Heating radiators.

Vertical Column Radiators


Some spaces and décor planning are best served with a vertical radiator. Also known as "tall radiators", these units are made by Revive and they enliven a room by adding accent to it.

The latest in home and business design is to stop attempting to hide necessary features, such as radiators. Instead, use attractive tall radiators as points of interest in your room. These are a great choice for your living room or dining room. These radiators can take the appearance of old cast iron radiators or antique Victorian radiators. Modern versions may look similar but are made out of modern materials such as stainless steel. Aluminium radiators are also available too. You can also get thermostatic radiator valves to match, these retro designs. Ultimately with a new column radiator you get an efficient radiator with great design.

Get a five-year warranty on your purchase and pick the colour that works best for you out of the various available options.

Towel Radiators

Towel rails

Towel radiators give you the designer look you are searching for while providing an added function: they warm your towels.

Enjoy the luxury of fresh, warm towels every time you step out of the shower. These are also occasionally known as bathroom radiators since you'll normally find a towel room in a bathroom.

Choose out of the many towel rail sizes, colours and styles available to match your bathroom and never be forced to use a cold towel again.

Flat Panel Radiators

Single Panel radiators (and double panel radiators for that matter) are usually electric radiators that are used to provide occasional heat or to heat a smaller home, flat or room. These, as the name suggests are radiators that look like metal panels. They are often quite slim in design and attach directly to the wall. These can be good for space saving. Although in the past these were normally quite functional looking, these can be purchased in different colours and styles too. Often panel radiators are not connected directly to the central heating system since they are designed to operate independently.



No matter which radiator you choose, you can finish it off with any accessories you want to go with it.

Whether you want to dress it up with designer radiator valves and feet, or you simply need additional connection pieces, we sell the parts you are looking for.

More information on Radiators

If you are looking to buy a traditional radiator and are not sure what size to by then the best way to determine this is to use a BTU Calculator. BTU stands for British Thermal Units. As you might expect the bigger radiator the more heat output. However, simply picking a large radiator isn't necessarily the best heating solution for your room since it will not work efficiently. It is better to get the right size. This tool is designed to help you pick a new radiator with the perfect size and heat output for your home. With this know how you won't make any expensive mistakes.

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