How to look after your central heating this summer

The weather might be getting warmer and the nights lighter, but here at Mr Central Heating, we never switch off from central heating and we are constantly thinking of ways to improve and tweak the service we offer. The summer is a good time for us to refresh and fix anything that have been put off because of the busy winter period. This may mean organising a messy part of the warehouse or making sure we have the correct stock in the correct places, but what can you do during the summer months to make sure you are ready for when next winter hits?

In the summer the heating goes off and you just need hot water, so it is an ideal time to service the boiler, change radiators or even drain the system down and clean it all through. There are a few implications to different boilers in the summer, but Mr Central Heating is still ON so if you are unsure of what to do, please give us a call and our experts will be at hand to help you. Below we have created a guide to show you how to look after your central heating this summer.

Combination boilers

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You would generally switch these to the summer setting so you only get hot water. The water is instantaneous so this is great as you are not storing hot water and only using it as you want. There is also a temperature setting on the hot water which may be good to turn down as now the cold mains water will be warmer so giving you better blend of hot and cold water. You also may want slightly cooler showers as it gets warmer. It is still advisable to make sure you check the pressure on the gauge and periodically turn the heating on just to make sure this side is still working. Cleaning out the system once a year is a definite with combination boilers and a good flush through with Fernox F3 Cleanser 500ml and then fill up the system and add in a good inhibitor in the correct dose like the Fernox F1 Inhibitor 500ml. If you are changing radiators and opening up the system make sure you re-dose the system as air is the main cause of corrosion and radiators leaking.

Conventional boilers

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These indirectly heat the hot water so the boiler will still come on when you need hot water. The hot water is controlled by motorised valves and a cylinder thermostat and these are all things to check. If you have an immersion heater attached to your cylinder you can use this to heat the hot water when the boiler is off but it is not very efficient and uses quite a lot of electricity. Storing and heating hot water is not very efficient in a standard copper cylinder and if you need to change it look at the new Everflo System Fit cylinder which will give you mains pressure out of your hot water taps without the need to have a cold water storage. The summer is also a good time to get into the loft and check the feed and expansion tank and the cold water storage. Check the ball valves and make sure they are shutting off and not running out into the overflow. A really good range to look at is FlushKING side Entry Fill valve which will save you water and time of replacement. It is also good to lag and cover your tanks if they are not as any increase in temperature of water will help with the reheat time in your cylinder.


White Column Radiator

If you are not using the heating circuit or radiators then it is a good time to fit that column radiator that you have always wanted. We now have Hammered Gold column radiators in stock that make the statement you want in the lounge or kitchen. You can shut off the valves and take off the radiator you want to change but always make sure you get rid of any air that you introduce into the system and you make a small dose of inhibitor to make up for the water you have lost in the system. Maintenance to radiators is great in the summer but also upgrading the system with thermostatic valves and a room thermostat to make it more efficient and controllable is not only cost effective but will save you money in the winter.

There is loads to do and here at Mr Central Heating we are still ON over the summer months, so make sure you do not neglect your heating and hot water. It is an intrinsic part of our homes that we use every day and it is easy to take for granted, so don't leave yourself in a position where your boiler or old radiators could break when you switch the heating back on next winter.

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