MDPE pipe and MDPE pipe fittings

MDPE Pipe and Fittings, what are they used for?

MDPE pipe is used for cold water mains into new builds and to replace old lead water supplies into both domestic and commercial properties.

Medium Density Polyethylene as it is fully known, (or blue poly / blue MDPE as it is regularly called in merchants) is a durable, seamless plastic pipe suitable for delivering high pressure mains water from the main run, into properties and can be used for replacing existing lead water main pipes.

It is supplied in 3 diameter sizes 20mm, 25mm & 32mm, depending on its use, and the water pressure required. It is also available in various coil sizes of 25m, 50m & 100m.

Types of pipe Fittings for MDPE

Fittings for MDPE are compression fittings, and contain a number of parts to clamp and seal the pipe into the fitting, making it secure and leak free. MDPE pipe and Fittings available from Mr Central Heating include MDPE straight coupler's, MDPE elbows, Tee's, Reducers, Male adapters, female adapters and blanking caps.

Some of the features of MDPE pipe and MDPE fittings are: 

- MDPE water pipe fittings are also pushfit. Pushfit fittings are a type of fitting that doesn't require a hand tool, plumbing tool or power tool to join the elements together.

- MDPE water pipe and fittings do not require any sealant to join together.

- MDPE stop cocks are also available.

- MDPE Adaptors and Fittings are also available to convert the MDPE Pipe and MDPE Fittings over to copper tube with a 15mm . This means you don't have to change all your brassware over.

- MDPE pipe is designed to be used underground and should not be used overground unless it is shielded from sunlight, for example when used in ducting in the home.

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