The best way to move the boiler in your home.

What is the best way to move the boiler in your home?

What is the best way to move the boiler in your home?
Whether a combi boiler or a conventional boiler, there is nothing more complicated than a boiler move in your own home and something that needs real thought. You will also need a professional plumber or heating engineer who is Gas safe registered. The first things that you need to assess is why, how and is it worth it!

The why is pretty straight forward as we are sure that you are not just going to want to move the gas, hot and cold and the flue along with the boiler to a new location as a matter of fun. The reasons for re-locating a boiler can be down to a new home renovation, new kitchen, loft renovation, unsafe appliance or even just to upgrade to a new much more efficient boiler, hot water and home heating system. Occasionally this is caused by moving away from an inefficient oil boiler in the kitchen to a modern gas boiler or equivalent located in another location. Sometimes a faulty boiler or an older boiler that is out of date may be the reason for a boiler move to a new room or location. A boiler relocation project can also provide more storage space if it is planned correctly.

The old requirements of early models was a large balanced vertical flue restricted to only being sited on an outside wall or a chimney flue which used a flue liner to get rid of the exhaust gases such as carbon monoxide. All boilers now use a powered flue system and this means that it only needs a smallish 100mm or 4” flue system. This allows the boiler to be sited in various locations and with now the advent of plume kits for the internal exhaust you can get over any issues with distance from an opening.

The most popular type of boiler on the market now is a combination (combi boiler) and this means that you can chuck out the old cylinder and cold water storage tanks from the loft. Then you can move the new combi boiler from a kitchen cupboard and move the new one in the airing cupboard, utility room or even garage. This is great and a real benefit but you need to consider all the services and pipework that connects to the present boiler and the gas being the main issue as it can be expensive to re-route a gas pipe.

So the why is because of changes in your house or now with the freedom to move a boiler from its previous restricted location. It is always best to seek a plumbers advice to see what you can actually do as there are still restrictions and boiler flue accessories can really add cost to the price of a boiler.

The how is all about planning and research and takes into account a lot of the above. You are welcome to give us a ring and we will tell you honestly whether it is worth it and try to understand the why and if you are going to benefit. Changing an old boiler could mean that you're heating bills are greatly reduced since a new boiler will be over 90% efficient and your current one may only be 40-60% efficient. If you are going to move an existing boiler then be careful as you still need to abide by any current regulations and like any disassembly it never goes back how it came out and there is always something left over! Another good reason to use a Gas Safe engineer to carry out the work for you.

The average cost is often a deciding factor in changing a boiler and moving an old one can be as expensive as fitting a new one. Things to also consider are the impact on the current system, do you need to fit a larger circulating pump, is there enough head of water for the cylinder now?

Boiler relocation is actually pretty uncommon today as one of the main reasons homeowners want to move a boiler is because they are extending or doing a loft conversion. In most cases the existing current boiler may not be able to handle the new requirements and the only alternative is to fit a new boiler. This bonus here is you'll likely get a more energy efficient boiler that can save you some money on your energy bills longer term.

In anything you do or decisions you want advice on please give Mr Central Heating a call because we will give you the best, honest, impartial advice to get you the best deal on central heating.

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