Mr Central Heating Discounts, Free Prizes & Vouchers with HomeScale Protect Loyalty Scheme

Claim prizes with HomeScale Protect

Mr Central Heating thinks it’s important to provide it’s customers with innovative and reliable products that they perhaps can’t find elsewhere. The HomeScale Protect is one of those products. It is exclusive to us and can’t be bought anywhere else as we wanted to present to you something different to ordinary water softeners. Although it does a great job of preventing limescale from building and softening water, it also can provide you with the opportunity to gain from showing your loyalty. By signing up to the exclusive Loyalty Scheme you can earn points and claim some amazing prizes including Google Nest products and vouchers.

The HomeScale Protect has created a product ideally suited to the UK and its water quality. The product is a fit and forget item and there is no ongoing maintenance or associated costs after the unit is installed. It effectively prevents corrosion and limescale creation and is 76% efficient. This is un-parallel in the market of inline water conditioners and HomeScale Protect is industry leading in its performance.

When it comes to the issues associated with hard water, you may have seen limescale deposits build up in the kettle or coffee machine, but this can also be a problem in all appliances and pipes that use hot water. This means your washing machine, tap faucets, dishwasher, central heating system, and even the pipework that connects them can all suffer from problems with limescale. By installing a HomeScale Protect, this can all be prevented leaving your water system fresh and clean.

But there are other benefits to the HomeScale Protect outside softening the water in your home, you can also claim some amazing prizes by taking a few simple steps. My signing up to the Loyalty Scheme you can collect points through a few different means including registering your product and posting on social media. A few clicks of the mouse will add points to your account and when you’ve got enough you can claim! Simple!

Prizes available on the loyalty scheme

The prizes currently include a Google Nest Hub, or a £100 One4all gift card for 1000 points, and if you manage to collect 2000 points you can claim the very special prize of a Google Nest Hub Max. These smart products can drastically improve your day to day living with live entertainment, music, news and weather.

The scheme couldn’t be more simple so visit the website and join now!


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