Mr Central Heating’s bestselling hot water storage tanks

Storing hot water in the UK is still a popular past time which is in contrast to the huge increase in trend for instantaneous hot water from a combi boiler. The requirement for hot water in larger amounts drives the storage market and there have been some great developments in the last few years to make it more efficient. In previous times before combination boilers all the hot water was stored in copper un-lagged cylinders. Today all cylinders are pre-lagged with a spray on insulation which increases performance and meets the new Part L requirement. Copper is a great conductor but the heat loss on these cylinders are poor in comparison to Stainless Steel and this is why Mr Central Heating suggests the following cylinders.

Installing a new hot water system or updating an old one is the best way to save money on heating hot water. Furthermore if you use an unvented stainless steel cylinder you are maximising the recovery, heat up and heat loss of your standing hot water. This meets our requirements on larger baths and greater flow showers as they all run off mains pressure. Popularity is dependent on where it is installed and we offer the following:

UV Gold Horizontal 210 Indirect – Ideal for houses with limited space and as it suggests they are fitted lying down rather than standing up.

UV Gold Slim-fit 170 Indirect - A taller cylinder than the average but only 475mm so fits into those narrow spaces!

Everflo System Fit 210 Indirect – A brilliant time saving option that has all the components pre-fitted to save installation time and with a 25yr warranty it is a great option.

Vaillant Unistor 310 Indirect – For the bigger property demanding that extra bit of hot water and from a tried and tested manufacturer with the full back up service from Vaillant.

With all un-vented cylinders you need a minimum cold water flow of 20 litres per minute which is generally available but you should check with your plumber first. If you have a reduced pressure and really want the best option for hot water storage then look at our range of pressure boosting pumps from Grundfos.

If you have any questions about our cylinders, please contact your local branch and our experts will be happy to help.


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