Nest Cameras, Indoor and Outdoor - How to use them.

What is the best way to use your Nest Cameras?

Nest cameras are part of an explosion of in home technology that has hit the market in the past couple of years.

There is no doubt that technology is making our lives easier.  It really has all spurned from the amazing product that we have on us all day and night. This product is addictive, completely dependable and now does more than really any other device that we own.

We are obviously talking about the mobile phone and all the items, references, dates, passwords and games that you use it for have really taken off and the mobile dominants most peoples lives. You feel lost without it, cannot stop looking and often have tech envy when the latest one is released.

It is the sheer power of this small item that is extraordinary and this is where the Nest cameras family of products use this reliance and power to just “fit into your life and daily schedule”. Technology should not be a chore or a daily routine that is boring, it should be intuitive.

Nest is built upon learning your habits and predicting what you need, from heating, hot water, smoke and carbon monoxide protection, to security. It gives you information so you do not have to find it yourself and learns how much and how little interactivity you like.


This technology is not exclusively for the tech savvy, it is actually more geared to the novice as the algorithms are so advanced that it is completely simple. If you can work a phone then you can use one of the Nest products.

All the above is why the outdoor and indoor Nest cameras are just some simple and a really good to buy as a pack. This is exclusively from Mr Central Heating and gets you the best price on the products.

You may ask why do I need two different Nest cameras but the versatility of an Indoor Cam and Outdoor cam means that you can keep an eye what is important to you.

The Outdoor cam is ideally positioned overlooking the front door and is great for watching your car and any visitors, good or bad. The Outdoor Cam from Nest is completely weather proof and has the function of Nest Aware and two way communication.

The Indoor cam is ideally placed facing your back doors or patio doors as this is great to capture any unsuspecting unwanted visitor. It has motion, sound and different parameters for different common sounds of a burglary like broken glass.

Do not take our word for, buy a Cam pack from Mr Central Heating and get instant piece of mind.



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