New products for July

We are always trying to get a more comprehensive website with all of the products that we stock in our stores online and as there is a slight bit of downtime we have added some new products to our website.

Lavata taps is a range of basin, kitchen and bath taps that we have been selling for nearly ten years now and is a bespoke range available to Mr Central Heating streamlined to our popular ranges. It is made by a leading manufacturer and own branded for us. What is really important to us is offering value for money without necessarily loosing quality but we are realistic in the fact that you cannot always get this from a branded tap. Lavata offers a really comprehensive range of taps that has a five year warranty, great quality at an affordable price. We have now added the following ranges that offer a more up to date modern, popular and functional option when choosing a tap.

  • Deco Range – This is an art deco and a sleek tap style that has a bath shower mixer, bath filler and mono basin mixer in its category. They are high polished chrome with large cartridges to give you the best flow and thermostatic mixer capabilities.
  • Pillar Range – This range is an up to date twist on the old style of paddle handle taps that was and is still popular. It is includes a bath shower mixer, bath filler and mono basin mixer in its category. All taps styles are down to the individual and often reflect other fixtures or fittings in the bathroom and obviously the lines of the chosen suite. It is really popular now to have mixer taps on either the bath or basin as it gives a much more comfortable experience plus you have less chance of scalding.
  • Push Range – This is a functional tap for an application that you need to limit the amount of water used and is widely used in schools, pubs, restaurant’s and any public places. Often termed non-concussive are a great way to save money and water and are styled according to the basin as you have an angled range and an upright one.
  • Waste Range – This is really as the name suggests a small range of the popular wastes that are required to be fitted into a basin. Please make sure that the tap you are buying does not include a waste as all of our monobasin mixers include the waste. We have added a really good range of cost effective to more expensive and different operation. The most popular style today is the clicker waste or “click clack” as it is often described, but we also sell loads of the traditional plug and chain in chrome and plastic plug.

Just a little note on some of the jargon to help you with taps here as it may be a little daunting. There are different taps for the following; basin taps, bath taps and sinks taps.

  • Monobasin – This is where you have one hole in the basin and is pretty much the norm now as mixer taps have become so popular now.
  • Bath taps always have two holes as you generally have two ¾ connections coming into a bath, hot and cold and that is why you have a mixer tap.
  • Bath shower mixer – This has the capability of taking a shower set from the mixer tap and can be included or not but will have a diverter on the tap allowing the water to come out of the tap or shower head.
  • Deck tap – This is any tap that is mounted directly on the bath or sink so does not have legs, it just denotes the appearance and maybe used for appearance and functionality.

Another product that we have added to the online store is a range of waste traps and flexible pan connectors. Unfortunately there is a bit of jargon around the names here and if you have never looked under your sink or toilet then you are missing out because you may find something you never expected. A waste trap can be connected to a basin, shower, bath or sink and is fundamentally a U-bend which stops the bad smells coming back up the waste pipes after you use a shower, bath or basin. It is not a glamourous product but you have probably tried to rescue a lost item at some time or another and disconnected the trap to see if it is stuck in the U-bend. The flexible pan connector is again as the name determines is a way of connecting the toilet to the soil pipe or waste outlet. Offering a flexible one is a great time saving option that allows you to replace an existing one without having to be governed by moving the toilet or waste outlet.

The ranges that we now stock at Mr Central Heating is made by Kimsion Plastics which have over 50 years of producing plastic products and although not that well known in the UK are the market leaders in Hong Kong. The quality is fantastic and it ticks Mr C’s requirements as we can sell all of the Kimsion products with the knowledge that it is competitive and we will not have any returns. All of the products featured in store or online at Mr Central Heating have to be reliable as we are so busy it is impossible to keep going back to change orders over. We operate a buy and deliver it service that is second to none and need the products to be always in stock and of the quality that our 1,000’s of customers expect.

Showing customers online our whole catalogue of products takes time as we need to make sure stock is guaranteed and we can offer the best service. Too many internet retailers fall down with the stock and delivery and this is Mr Central Heating is different because we have the stock and it is picked and delivered by our own guys and girls.

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