Our new range of ERP boilers

Later this month there are going to be changes in the way that heating products are legislated in the UK. This is called the Energy related Products Directive (ErP).

The new energy labelling affects people differently.

  • Manufacturers -  Need an energy rating for each product and will need to attach a sticker with the relevant rating. This will guide the plumber and homeowner as to the performance of the product.
  • Retailers -  it will be a question of promoting the energy rating, displaying it properly and actually educating the installer.
  • Homeowners -  it is not just about choosing the right boiler as actually all boilers will be A-rated in the UK market except for poor performing oil boilers. It is also about all the other bits that go with a boiler that if you spend a little bit more on accessories, like controls, thermostatic rad valves, filters, pumps, system chemicals and radiators you can achieve a much better energy rated system and ultimately a more efficient cost reducing one.
  • Installers - it gets a bit more complicated as they will need to educate the homeowner and calculate the energy rating according to the heating installed.  An energy label for the whole system then needs to be provided by the plumber.

All new boilers will be required to be ERP rated and at Mr Central heating we are now stocking the latest ranges.

Shop our ERP boiler ranges below:

Vaillant ER Ranges

Worcester ERP Ranges 

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