October newsletter from Mr Central Heating

October newsletter

It seems that winter has arrived! We have certainly got a lot busier over the last month.

I mentioned in my last newsletter the Heatline boiler, the feedback we are getting is great, really good value for money, easy to install, a Vaillant in a Heatline case, and so on. So thank you for all the orders.

Over the last few years we have developed our own column radiator range. (The website is www.columnrads.co.uk)

During the last few weeks I have changed all of the radiators in my house, which were probably 25 years old (honestly!), to column radiators. The difference is amazing, not that the house is warmer, just the same. But in appearance it has transformed the look of the rooms. I think it is worth considering when changing an old radiator, or installing a heating system, to look at considering other radiator options such as some column radiators, in the lounge, hall or dining room, they do look great.

As a company we are always striving to give our customers the very best deals in central heating equipment, and it annoys me that “Big Gas” companies can charge such high prices for boiler changes. £2500-£4000 the average boiler we supply is approx. £700 and they use the same boilers that we sell, so where is the rest of the money going? Anyway I have got that off my chest!

In my next newsletter I hope to let you know about some new products and interesting deals we are working on.

I am writing this newsletter with England only needing to beat Poland to qualify for the World Cup, so good luck! So there is more than just selling central heating in my life, thanks again for all your custom.


Allan Pierce


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