Potterton & Baxi Boilers, Legends Range

The Legends have arrived!

Take a look at the hottest price drops on Mr Central Heating right now, in our Legends range. Potterton & Baxi models with up to over £100 off. A legendary offer!

The definition of Legend is “someone very famous and admired, usually because of their ability in a particular area” which is perfect when describing the boilers included in our Legends range. They are all very well known for being at the top of their field, reliable and trustworthy which is why we’re proud to be their home and think they’re worth the title. There are three Baxi and two Potterton models in the Legends range with various outputs and with a 7 and 10 years warranty they’re a great addition to your home and sure to keep your winter warm. We’ve even dropped the prices on these boilers by over £100 to ensure you’re getting the best deal. You love ‘em so we’ve stocked ‘em!

Potterton and Baxi has been making boilers for over 150 years, so they know what they’re doing. Manufactured in the U.K., over 7 million homes are kept warm by a Baxi boilers and Potterton boilers. They’re known for being extremely easy to use, energy efficient and environmentally friendly.  We’ve chosen to include the Potterton Titanium range as we feel that it really sums up ‘legendary’ status of being a firm favourite of installers and homeowners, maintaining the brands great reputation as a boiler manufacturer.

The Potterton Titanium Combination boiler comes in 24kW, 28kW, 33kW and 40kW outputs. It comes with a full 7 years warranty, a built-in frost thermostat and a 24-hour mechanical clock. It’s a great boiler to provide hot water for showers, baths and taps while also providing heating for your radiators via the central heating circuit. With individual temperature controls for both it puts you in the driving seat for controlling your central heating and hot water with this great Potterton combi boiler.

The Potterton Titanium Heat boiler also comes with a 7 years warranty and at 19.5kg it’s one of the lightest boilers on the market. It doesn’t require a pump over-run or permanent live switch, has concealed controls, an LED operating display and is suitable for open and vent sealed systems. It has versatile flueing with a rear flue option to ensure easy and quick installation and is extremely compact. It’s also available in 12kW, 18kW, 24Kw and 30kW to suit any home or budget.

We’ve also got three Baxi boilers included in our Legends range, as we’re a big fan of Baxi heating at Mr Central Heating. Baxi’s aim is to deliver best value through reliable, energy efficient heating systems and high-quality service and customer support helpline, while promoting environmental, social and economic sustainability. They’re an extremely well trusted and respected U.K. brand with millions of boilers installed across the country and we thought the three ranges below would be perfect for our customers.

The Baxi Platinum Combination boiler includes a huge price drop of over £100 and comes in 24kW, 28kW, 33kW and 40kW making sure it suits your heating and hot water demand. The Platinum range of combi boilers come with a huge 10-year warranty, an intelligent control system which automatically adjusts heat output and a stainless-steel heat exchanger. It is a favourite of installers and householders for it’s minimal running costs and great performance.

Also included is the Baxi Megaflo System boilers, again with great price drop of over £40. It comes with a 7 years warranty and is compatible with any unvented stainless-steel cylinder like the Everflo range. It’s a great price from under £700 on Mr Central Heating at the moment, and has excellent environmental credentials. It is compact and easy to install with simple rotary controls for easy operation. A firm favourite of Baxi customers.

Lastly, we’ve got the great Baxi Duo-Tec combination boiler, again with a Seven-year warranty as standard. Again, with savings up to one hundred pounds on the Duo-Tec range, it’s a perfect price for the colder months and is Energy Saving Trust Endorsed. The Duo-Tec is one of the best value for money combination boilers on Mr Central Heating. Like the other Baxi Legends it comes in various outputs, 24kW, 28kW, 33 and 40kW to suit all your heating and hot water demands. It is very easy to use and reliable. It’s supplied with a pre-plumbing jig and innovative integral filling loop, making It much easier to install.

These legendary offers on this reliable, trusted selection of boilers won’t last for long, so check out the Potterton and Baxi pages on Mr Central Heating for more information if you're looking for a best buy new boiler.

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