Reduce your Limescale, Reduce your CO2 Emissions

If you live in a hard water area, you are probably aware of the damage that limescale can do to your appliances and pipework. However, you might be unaware that hard water is the cause of 8.24 million tonnes of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere every year. Read about how you can reduce your limescale build-up and Co2 emissions with the Homescale Protect.


The Facts

Research from Harvey Water Softeners has found the impact of hard water on the environment and that energy usage with soft water is 23.8% lower in CO2 emissions than gas heaters and 17.8% lower in electric heaters. These results show that we could reduce the UK’s carbon footprint significantly if all water used was soft.

According to the study from Harvey Water Softeners, 93% of respondents said that a company’s environmental record is very important when purchasing a product. Over 82% of customers were more aware of their carbon footprint now than 5 years ago. 51% answering that they are “a great deal” more conscious. They also found that the 13 million households in the UK that suffer from hard water could be generating up to 910,000 tonnes of limescale per year. Due to the inefficiency that this creates within your appliances, this could also be adding an extra £160 to your energy bill too.



HomeScale Protect from Mr Central Heating


HomeScale Protect – Reduces Limescale and Improves Appliance Efficiency

If you’d like to consider reducing the limescale deposits and hard water in your homes, we’d recommend the HomeScale Protect. This water conditioner uses the Ion Polarization System (IPS) to prevent the build-up of limescale. It does this without adding or removing anything from the water. The IPS uses a flow-through body with turbine-shaped electrodes that are constructed with two different electrically conductive materials. This design causes a swirling water flow, which in turn creates a change in the structure of the minerals.

The HomeScale Protect is easy to install to your home water supply by a plumber.  The HomeScale Protect can reduce limescale build-up in the home's plumbing system. It can also improve efficiency in your hot water appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines. The HomeScale Protect can also help other devices that are exposed to hot water such as coffee machines, kettles, and shower heads. Using the HomeScale Protect means that you will be able to ditch the descaler and limescale removers.


Some of the key benefits of the HomeScale Protect system are:

  • Health safety product
    • The HomeScale Protect is made from material suitable for contact with drinking water. This means it is suitable for cold (drinking) and hot water
  • Reduces the need for water filter products
    • This further reduces your impact on the enivronment by reducing the need for plastic water filters
  • No added substances
    • The HomeScale Protect doesn't need any chemicals or salt added to it. This saves you money and time
  • Doesn’t require an electrical connection
    • Unlike some water conditioners the HomeScale Protect doesn't require any external energy for it to function
  • Minimal water flow reduction
    • The HomeScale Protect features minimal flow reduction so your water pressure is maintained


If you're still not sure you need one, you can learn more about the HomeScale Protect on the Mr Central Heating website.


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