Replace your oil boiler with a more eco-friendly option

Start saving on fuel and reduce harmful emissions right now. Your old oil boiler may be a great workhorse but you have probably realized it’s also dirty and inefficient. Keep in mind too that oil boilers are unlikely to pass requirements of the energy related products directive (ErP) now or in 2017. It’s a good time to replace your oil boiler with an LPG or electric model or solar cylinder in stock now at Mr Central Heating. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to help you choose the best model for your home at the best price anywhere.

LPG boilers

One clean alternative to oil is LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas), which is easy to store in tanks underground or alongside your home. Mr Central Heating has in stock a range of efficient Band A condensing boilers in models to provide service to spaces from small flats with two radiators to large properties with twenty, such as: Baxi Duo-Tec, Potterton Gold, and Glow-worm offer a range of LPG boilers at prices starting under seven hundred. All models are simple to install, easy to use and offer great value, efficiency and high performance for all domestic needs.

Electric boilers

Because they are over 99.8% efficient – and simple to install – electric boilers have become increasingly popular. The Potterton Gold electric boiler re-circulates water used in wet central heating systems in all-electric buildings. Because no flue or fuel supply tank is required this boiler can be sited almost anywhere in your home. Mr Central Heating has Potterton Gold electric boilers available in five models: 4kW, 6kW, 9kW, 11kW and 12kW. Suitable for pressurised or regular open vented systems, they may be linked in multiple combinations to provide greater output. Prices begin under four hundred.

Solar energy cylinders

Solar energy solutions are popular in the UK. Over one half million sets of solar panels were installed by 2014 – and that number has nearly doubled in 2015. Mr Central Heating has in stock a quality solar cylinder to take advantage of this clean and abundant power source. The UV Gold 170, 210, 250 and 300 litre solar indirect stainless steel unvented cylinder with twin coil is designed for use with most makes of solar heating systems. UV Gold cylinders have low operating costs and low carbon emissions, they promise to reduce your domestic energy bills and they have a 25 year guarantee. Prices start under seven hundred.

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