Salus increases range of RF room thermostats

Salus 5 x 5 concept availble from Mr Central Heating Pictured here; a new concept in RF heating controls from SALUS that offers improved
choice and flexibility for installers.

Salus increases their range of RF room thermostats, a leading heating controls manufacturer, has unveiled a new concept of buying RF heating controls that offers improved choice and flexibility for installers.

Featuring best selling models from SALUS’ extensive range, the new 5 x 5 Series allows installers to ‘mix and match’ RF thermostats and receivers to suit their individual needs and preference.

Whilst SALUS’ current ranges of RF controls each comprise a thermostat and receiver, which are packaged together and sold as one unit, the new 5 x 5 Series now enables installers to mix RF models by purchasing the thermostat and receiver separately.

The transmitters and receivers are now boxed individually and provide the installer with the option of which transmitter and which receiver would best suit the application. 

The new 5 x 5 Series features five transmitters and five receiver models which also includes the popular SALUS “plug-in” boiler receivers.

Each of these are now able to interact with each other, as the thermostat can automatically detect which receiver it is communicating with; providing a heating control with full RF capabilities.

Managing Director of SALUS Controls, Dean Jepson said: “SALUS is renowned for making life easy for installers, without compromising quality and price. The new 5 x 5 Series bears testimony to this ethos and looks set to be a popular choice with installers as demand for RF controls continues to grow.” 

Dean continues: “This very simple idea can benefit both merchants and installers by allowing reduced stock holding, but equally important it will help our customers become more flexible to their approach during installation.” 

The popularity of RF controls continues to increase as installers and home owners realise the benefits of wireless technology. 

As well as requiring no external power supply, RF thermostats may be simply wall-mounted in any appropriate temperature sensing location up to 60 metres away from its receiver. Along with ease of installation, these products create little to no mess for the home owner. 

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