Salus Internet Thermostat, How it works.

The Salus internet Thermostat... The way forward for all boilers.

The possibilities of smart phones and connectivity is now endless. And with a real neccesity for saving energy, there are now loads of internet room thermostats on the market. So forget how many steps you have taken in a day, or what the weather is like in spain, use your phone to login and control your central heating or hot water. You'll never need to be cold or too hot again.

It is a simple concept made possible by wireless technology and units that can be accessed by your phone through your home Wi-Fi network through the internet. In this blog we will try and take the mystique away and give you a great understanding of how it works.

We know we can do this because we have been selling them for years. Here at Mr Central Heating we have worked with the leading manufacturer to develop controls suitable to the boiler that you have or may want to purchase. The reason we have done this and why we have made it simple is because we sell all boilers and are not just interested in one brand.

We have always looked for the best deal for the consumer, not what necessarily gives us the best profit. We are also neutral and do not believe that boiler manufacturers can offer the best controls. They often make great boilers but they are trying to sell you something that is possibly not state of the art technology and will not integrate with your actual system in the best possible way.

Salus controls

So let’s start with the basics, please give us a call to discuss and we will always point you in the right direction. In order to control the temperature of your house you need a room stat or controller. These in the past have been used in conjunction with programmers but with programmable room stats and a better understanding of how to save money it is generally always better to control the heating by temperature.

The old way was for the heating to come on in a morning and off at night. This unfortunately is not good and it is miles better and more economical to keep a constant mean temperature hence why there is a big drive to thermostatic radiator valves and so on. So you are going to control your temperature in each room and the boiler will always be on or at a low mode.

Boilers today are modulating and provide you like a car with the right fuel and performance to what you require at the time. So the way you have your heating on has changed and we are only talking about the heating, not the hot water. Leading on from this the thermostat needs to connect to your boiler to switch it on or off and this is done by hard wiring or a receiver.

Just like your Wi-Fi it needs a router to connect to a phone line or cable the receiver transmits the necessary information to the boiler. So with any wireless room stat there needs to be two parts and they work on a frequency that is dedicated to the manufacturer and the model. So the wireless room stats that are now on the market are great because you can control the heating from any room but these are not to be confused with internet enabled ones and they are not Wi-Fi stats.

The Salus range of wireless stats are brilliant and can be wall mounted or taken into any room and have a diverse range of models and operations. Here at Mr Central Heating we sell loads of units that are so simple to connect up and either install with the boiler or retro fit. This has all been made easier by the ranges of receivers that plug into the fascia of the most popular boilers on the market like Ideal, Worcester, Vaillant, Baxi and Potterton.

So there are no wires and no issue with trying to connect to a circuit board. In previous times and with controls like Drayton and Honeywell you have to connect directly to a PCB or a wiring centre that can cause issues with the boiler operations. The plug in receivers connects directly with the established connection on the boilers and gives a seamless control.

Once the receiver has been plugged in then it needs to start talking to the remote controller. This is called pairing and it is exactly like any Bluetooth or wireless connectivity and it allows the two units to talking to each other. Now they are paired the room stat will start sensing the temperature and letting the receiver and ultimately the boiler what it needs to do, either come on or shut down.

With the Salus programmable RF units you can choose five different temperatures a day that your unit will sense the room temperature and activate the boiler if necessary. This is a different operation to what you may be not used too but to keep a constant mean temperature is the best way to heat your house.

Salus Internet Thermostat

So far we have only talked about the heating and with regards to the hot water the Salus Internet Thermostat, iT500 can also control your hot water by using a cylinder stat or hot water sensor and an external receiver. Everything is possible but with different zones and hot water it is a more complicated installation so make sure that you get a good competent installer.

The plugs in receivers are only suitable for Combination boilers and when over 80% of the market are combi boilers it is quite comprehensive. The hot water control is not necessary on a combination because you are not storing hot water and it is instantaneous. The temperature control for the hot water is on the boiler and the room stat will govern your heating making sure it does not get too hot or cold.

Once you have decide what system you have or are going to install you can then choose an iT500 Salus Internet Thermostat and get it installed. Once installed you will need to download the app or android version. This is free and will give you a dashboard of options to set your heating and hot water from your phone or tablet. It is ideal if the boiler is fitted in the loft or you are fed up with the room stat in the hall or you have inadequate heating control.

Then the real technology takes over and you can control your heating through the internet from anywhere you are. This is now becoming really popular as people do live different lives, houses and habits have changed and everything is a lot more transient and why pay for something when you are not using it.

Instructions for using the Salus internet thermostat are easy to use, and there are also video guides provided by Salus.

You are never going to believe the prices at Mr Central Heating on the Salus Internet Thermostat. And with the simple plug in function into any of the leading manufacturers of combination boilers life just became a whole lot simpler.

The it500 Salus Internet Thermostat is always in stock at Mr Central Heating.

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