How to save money on heating bills

There is not a day that goes when you read an article about how the next best thing is going to save you money on you're heating bills. Consumers are becoming slightly now numb to the statement and here at Mr central heating we have heard it all. We have been doing it long enough and see the various inventions and claims from products and ways to create your own energy and save money.

The fact is that energy is always going to get more expensive in the UK because of the pressure we have on supply and an increasing population. We like to keep things simple and cost effective so do you know the best way to save energy and money off you're heating bills! Turn your thermostat down and if you do not have one buy one! Controlling the temperature of your house better is the simplest way to save energy and they start from just over £8. It does not have to be a complicated smart internet controlled stat just a basic dial stat that will set your house to the required temperature.

The most comfortable way to experience you're heating is to keep a mean temperature of about 19*C and just turn it up as required. As in a lot of houses the reaction of turning it up just needs to be one or two degrees not 10 degrees! Keeping a comfort temperature saves energy and it is a lot more cost efficient to heat a room two degrees rather than ten degrees. There is no need for the boiler to run really hard for that early morning cold start, it should be running on low all night.

We can advise you and mediate if required between you and the other half if you like but the best way to save money is to get a temperature controlled house rather than an window opening, jumper wearing one.

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