September 2013 Newsletter From Mr Central Heating

September 2013 Newsletter from Mr Central Heating

August is always the hard month for the heating trade, holidays and warm weather,  when no one  wants to think about boilers and radiators, because they are busy enjoying BBQ’s, and quite right too.

Thankfully some do as Mr Central Heating sales are up on last year, one part of the business that is growing weekly is the Internet; this is due to our Internet team, and branch managers constantly looking at different ways to be better than our competition.

Price is one way (we have always been the lowest) so that's not a problem.

We think the main problem with Internet companies is that they do not understand the product; they don’t stock, but rely on third parties to stock and deliver on their behalf.  The problem with this is who cares if delivery does not turn up, or wrong materials are delivered.

Mr Central Heating’s stock is at least £15,000,000 across the whole range of heating equipment. We have a fleet of over 50 vans that deliver all over the country from our various branches (we have been doing this for over 40 years)

So although the Internet is new to us it's just another sales avenue for us to supply heating goods to our customers that we have done for more years that I care to remember.

As I wrote in my previous newsletter I have a fantastic team working for me, and as the years go on I am transferring more and more running of the business to them. However there is still some life in me yet and I still I think can sniff out a good deal for my company and my customers.

About 8 weeks ago I had a meeting with the Vaillant Group (they make the Vaillant ecotec range of boilers that we sell enormous quantities of) at the meeting we discussed the possibility of us stocking the Heatline boiler. We looked into the Heatline boiler that is produced in a Vaillant factory with all the Vaillant parts and Vaillant 2 year full warranty, at a price that we could sell at just above £400 and bingo we now fully stock both models!

Until my next newsletter,  thanks to all of our customers past, present and future.



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