So what's so special about Rinnai water heaters?

We’re often asked what’s so special about our Rinnai tankless continuous water heaters. Here are 13 good reasons for starters…

Rinnai water heaters:

  • Are small and unobtrusive
  • Can be used instead of a bulky, space-wasting hot water cylinder
  • Are highly engineered with Japanese quality
  • Create plenty of hot water – whenever you need it
  • Provide hot water at just the temperature you choose
  • Never go wrong
  • Are packed with features
  • Allow easy conversion from an existing balanced flue to a fanned flue
  • Are readily available from stock within two days
  • Are available in natural gas or LPG models
  • Are ideal for new and existing installations
  • Are suitable for residential or light commercial applications
  • Have low running costs

More reasons to buy

 If that’s not enough to persuade you, read on…

There is no comparable product on the market that can outperform the product in a similar class, with the flow rates far outstripping regular combination boilers.

Installing a Rinnai water heater removes the need for a large kW conventional boiler; instead you can have a lower output boiler just for your central heating requirement and a separate continuous flow hot water boiler.

The opportunity to get rid of the hot water storage cylinder is really interesting. Why is it necessary to store so much hot water when you can achieve continuous temperature-controlled hot water on demand? Plus, no standing water means nowhere for nasty bugs to lurk and develop.

Here at Mr Central Heating we offer three models of Rinnai water heaters, all from the Infinity range: 11i, 16i and K26i. These provide 11, 16 and 26 litres, respectively, per minute of continuous flow hot water at a regulated set temperature. View the entire range here. 

Hopefully now you can understand why we’re such big fans of Rinnai water heaters! If you’re still not convinced and have some more questions about them, please do get in touch.


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