The best boiler for 3 bedroom houses

What is the best boiler for 3 bedroom houses?

There has never been a better time to buy a new boiler to suit your house. Especially if it is a boiler for 3 bedroom houses as all the best boiler brands are now really tailored to suit your needs.

Obviously there are lots of types of three bedroom houses but boiler manufacturers like Ideal, Worcester Bosch, Vaillant, Baxi and Potterton have spent years making boilers to suit all needs.

The appliances of today are not only compact but ultra-efficient and if you have a small to medium three bedroom house with a small family then the best option is a combination boiler. From own own experience more often than not this is the best boiler for your needs since there are a wide range of boiler models available. There are lots of different types of boilers available but the combi boiler is the one boiler type that works well in family homes.

This will give you a flow rate of up to 16 litres per minute, for example the Potterton Titanium 40KW which will provide all your heating and hot water from one appliance.

If you have a large three bedroom house with more than two bathrooms and quite a few occupants then you might want to consider a storage cylinder, the Everflo 180 System fit for instance. These hot water cylinders are ideally suited for a system boiler and these are also ideal as they do not require any feed and expansion tanks.

The most popular one is the Potterton Gold 28 System which comes with a two year warranty as standard and is fully supported by 260 dedicated service engineers.

So combination boilers range from 24kW to 40kW which is the output to hot water and this means that you can get a boiler that suits your budget and hot water demands depending on the amount of occupants and outlets or taps.

There is also a great array of central heating system warranties to choose from so you can plan out how much warranty is suitable for you, your house and your budget.

Unless the water pressure to your home is very low then you should be able to fit a energy efficient combi boiler and replace that old system boiler or conventional boiler. You will also save space in the loft and reduce pipework since a combi boiler does not need a cold water tank. You also do not need a hot water tank because the combi boiler will heat up water instantly on demand.

Best Combi Boilers that we sell every day for three bedroom houses are as follows:

The Vokera Easi-Heat 32C - is an extremely compact and versatile best buy combi boiler for instant heating and hot water. this particular boiler is a powerful combi boiler ideally suited for a 3 bedroom house.

Ideal Logic Max C30 Combi is a combi boiler that is renowned for its reliability and features a long ten year warranty. This is also an award winning boiler making it one of the best boiler choices for your home.

The Vaillant ecoTEC Plus 832 is a high efficiency combination boiler that is ideal for a two or three bedroom home with 1 bathroom and an en-suite. It is has a A rated efficiency rating for both hot water and heating. the energy efficiency is important because a more efficient boilers means energy saving over time, and if you save energy you save money on your energy bills too.

There are a wide range of boilers to choose from and yes it can be a bit confusing but give us a call and make sure you are ready with your current model, budget and time frame and we will try and match your requirements.

If you have a 4 bedroom house or larger then we supply a range of boilers to suit your property too. The type of boiler you may need might be different, but if you want a boiler quote we'd be happy to help spec you the right boiler for your needs. When it comes to boiler installation costs these can vary but it is worth shopping around for an approved gas safe installer.

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