Guide to the best magnetic boiler filters

Looking for the best magnetic boiler filters?

A few years ago magnetic boiler filters where non-existent but today there are lots on the market and all offer different benefits and profess different technical capabilities. So what are the ones to go for and what do you need out of a filter. The old adage of something is better than nothing is definitely true when it comes to protecting your central heating system.

The big problem today is that boilers have become smaller and slightly more sensitive to sludge build up, along with dirt and debris so this type of build up can quickly cause issues with your boiler, regardless of boiler manufacturer. Radiators and the types of radiators on a system have also changed and there seems to be a lot more control required and variance of the types of systems. The main thing that is essential in all systems is inhibitor and there are also once again lots of products on the market. The last thing you want to hear from your heating engineer is that you need a new boiler because it has failed and the boiler warranty has expired, just because of a lack of a good magnetic system filter. So save your money on a new combi boiler and instead take a look at the central heating filters listed here.

In good old Mr Central Heating fashion we will try and offer the most independent review based on what leading brand magnetic filters we stock and sell all day long. There is obviously a bit of criteria that has to work for us and that is great sales, no returns and an affordable price for our customers. So in order of sales, price and value for money please see the list below of some of the best boiler filters available.

Fernox Omega – A great filter at a great price, well-engineered and does not need opening, does not require valves, plus features easy servicing.

ADEY MagnaClean Micro chemical packAdey Pro 1 Magnaclean Chemical pack – The Adey Magnaclean filter has to be the one of the best packs out there, because it contains the most popular filter on the market but also two chemicals that help clean and protect the system.

BiWorld Smart Mag Filter Chemical Pack – The Smart Mag system filter is easy to install and should preferably be installed on the return circuit to the boiler. This enables debris already in the pipework to be intercepted before reaching the boiler, particularly during power flushing.

Adey Pro1Adey Pro2 Magnaclean – This is the evolution of the no. 1 best seller and it was made extremely more effective and easier to install. You can also attach the Magnacleanse machine to the connections before you install the filter so to totally clean the system out. Plus if you use the Adey MC5 Powerflush chemical you get an even better clean.

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