The Grundfos brand is known for its quality and reliability and in recent years has really excelled in producing products for the fast-evolving market. The UPS3 Circulating Pump really stands out from the range and is built on a platform proven in millions of boilers. It effortlessly combines increased energy efficiency, an easier to wire plug and on-board diagnostics to provide a top performance boiler pump with simplicity of use.

The UPS3 is a circulator pump designed to be used in domestic heating systems for either variable or constant flow rates. It automatically controls the differential pressure by adjusting the pump performance to the actual heating demand without the use of external components allowing for versatility. When you need to combine reliability, efficiency, head, diagnostics and fitting time for the installer, there really is only ‘one player’ to choose.

Since the launch of the UPS3 15-50/60, it has gained a significant following of supporters which continue to grow every year. One very important benefit to note is the reliability this pump can demonstrate, as it maintains a consistently high performance throughout the season. Improved energy efficiency combined with an easier to wire plug and on-board diagnostics really makes this pump stand out from other similar pumps on the market.

Grundfos as a brand has huge longevity and reliability due to the quality of its products, proven time and time again to be extremely popular on Mr Central Heating. They make sure their products have gone through strenuous testing giving you peace of mind. This pump was built on a platform that was proven in millions of boilers prior to its launch so you can be rest assured that it’s built to last. If you're looking to replace an old pump then selecting a high efficiency replacement, such as a new Grundfos pump is a great choice.

If you’d like to find out more information on this Grundfos pump and others in the Grundfos Team, then head over to their website now. If you’d like to see their range and what new products you may benefit from on Mr Central Heating, then please click here.